Denver State Women’s Wellness Center now to offer cervical cancer screenings to men who feel like they are female


In order to placate men and their delusions, women and girls will have to forgo their life saving treatments to make sure penises and surgically created fuckholes are given the attention they do deserve. Ladies, please take a seat at the back, men are here for a phantom cervical cancer screening!

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“DENVER — A state-run women’s wellness program now provides breast and cervical cancer screenings for transgender women, announced the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Wednesday.”

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Dick Pleaseing or Bust!

lol wutSoooooooooooooooooooooooo, feminism must affirm the dick in every possible way or it’s rubbish?  This is Transgender Feminism! Dick worshiping misogyny at it’s finest.



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Trans Feminism in Action!

Ugh, Dana what the fuck his face. Also known as Caprica 6 (lol) and  Miss Sudo Khaleesi fancies zierself a feminist, but look at all this awesome feminist action he did today on his twitter feed…

4_5_1 4_5_2

Dana the feminist acts pretty damn male when he’s insulting other people…

4_5_3 4_5_4 4_5_5 4_5_6 4_5_8


Cause calling people “Pussy” “Bitch” “Dickless” telling someone to “shut the fuck up” and that they would “cower before me etc etc is totes feminist right! Wow sounds very much how a MAN would react. I guess Dana decided to take a break from being triggered and nearly committing suicide to have a male freakout on the net.  It’s so lulz. It’s so creepy that he’s telling someone that they would “cower before” him.


But there’s more!

4_5_9 4_5_7 4_5_10

Dude, you are right. There isn’t enough treatment in the world to get your crazy ass together.  I suggest his shrink starts by looking at his twitter feed to see the insanity in action, but I’m sure they would just drop him like the hot crazy potato he is knowing that anything they said would be twisted and tweeted about as triggering or transphobic or some such shit. Personality disorder plus!

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Christopher “Jessica” Hambrook, serial rapist, sexually assaulted and terrorized women after being placed in Toronto area Women’s Shelters

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Hambrook’s fate will be decided by a judge next week as the court determines whether “she” will be deemed a chronic dangerous offender, a designation which will allow “her” to be incarcerated indefinitely.

Meanwhile, transgender activists held a public protest today in Toronto demanding that individuals like Hambrook be incarcerated with women in female facilities on the basis that they believe themselves to be “psychologically female”.

Two months ago, Canadian transgender activists protested a memorial for murdered women because Vancouver Rape Relief, which organized the event, maintains a domestic violence and rape counseling service for women that does not place female victims with males.

A senior citizen confronted with a “trans woman” in a Toronto YMCA women’s locker room who forced her to view his erect penis, and asked her “do you come here often?”- was recently told by authorities that males have an “absolute” legal right to placement in…

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Briana Reynolds v. BioLife Plasma Services (USA)


This mans feelings are more important than any lousy “blood supply”!!!!!!

Originally posted on Gender Identity Watch:


Briana Reynolds started donating plasma at BioLife Plasma Services in mid-2009.  He donated as a male for more than four years before beginning his transition to a identifying “as a woman” in December 2013.  Reynolds now alleges that BioLife does not allow male-to-female transgenders who identify as straight to donate plasma.  

Tara Goodin, press officer for the FDA, provided an email statement regarding donor eligibility.

“FDA’s primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of the blood supply,” Goodin said. “FDA remains willing to consider new approaches to donor screening and testing if those approaches can assure that blood recipients are not placed at an increased risk of HIV or other transfusion transmitted diseases.”

The encounter with BioLife was embarrassing for Reynolds and caused him a financial hardship as he depended on the extra $200 a month he was making at BioLife, Reynolds said.  “Between my part-time job and BioLife…

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Where Grown Man Meets Little Girl

Originally posted on The Arctic Feminist:

Something that has consistently disturbed me since becoming familiar with the modern transgender phenomenon is how infantile most of the communication and dialogue around it is.  Oftentimes the propaganda put out looks like creepy little kids drawings or cartoons and they have references to genitalia, etc.

This is also a part of autogynephilic trans fetishism.  I found this website on feminization whereby grown men, often in middle age or older are put through humiliating ritualized feminization which is something actual little girls go through.  These men find erotic pleasure in imagining themselves as little girls going through sexual abuse and forced wearing of demeaning princess clothing.  What is a horrific experience of brutal dehumanization for women is a sexual kink for these men.

This phenomenon is also apparent with late transitioning heterosexual men.  They often will end dressing in the same clothes designed for teen girls.  Another thing that makes…

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Fuck You, Kill You, Or Be You


Dude sounds like he’s getting ready to make a skin coat. Creepy fucker. I hope that woman knows to stay far away from this freak.

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kill you fuck you be you

Can’t be the only one. (self.asktransgender)

submitted by k-transpost op exercise nut

I’m happy. My top and bottom are done. I’ve had FFS. I’ve had laser treatments. I got hair implants. I work out enough that I’m finally getting the slender, feminine body I’ve always wanted. I’m married. We have money and live comfortably. Life is finally great.

My husband is a dermatologist. His partner at his practice is older, in his late 50s. Last night, we went to his house for a Super Bowl party. He and his wife have a 23-year-old daughter who recently graduated from college. She’s working full time, but living at home.

I irrationally hate this girl. I mean, not in the way most women hate other women, like admiring her proportions, wishing they were mine, that kind of thing. It’s almost like, “I fucking hate you because you got the life…

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”wo”MEN who code

Was on twitter today and clicked on a link to an article about women who code. I thought ” great! women in the technology field are finally getting some recognition!”

I was greeted with this picture…



My first thought was ” That’s a dude” and after a quick google search to see if my suspicions were correct I find this


beth7 beth6 beth5 beth4

So yeah um, thanks Business Insider for putting together an article about how women are not represented in the tech field and have a dude with long hair as your cover model. Great form! Let’s be honest no one would give a shit about Beth if he didn’t fancy himself a female. These guys use their privilege and take up what little space and prestige women have in a male dominated field for their own. It’s really disheartening. It’s like if you want to be a woman in the tech industry and get some recognition for it, you better be a man first. smh Oh and congrats on his obtaining citizenship in the UK. I’m sure y’all being funding his tax payer funded sex change/cosmetic surgeries soon.

So, I took a look at Beth’s blog and of course he’s a “dyke identified trans woman.”  Not only a woman co-opting pos but a Cotton Ceiling pos as well.

beth 8


Yes please, write a blog about how women, especially lesbian women need to walk on egg shells around your special snowflake feelings.  He has a whole blog dedicated to how a doctor who was giving him a breast exam didn’t know he was trans. Wow, really? If I can take one look at your selfy and tell then I am really concerned about the quality of these medical professionals. Or he just didn’t want a sperging trans in his office.

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“I STARTED OCCUPY” says delusional dude in drag

Oh a trans woman taking credit for something he didn’t actually do and fucking over tons of people in the process? Since when does that happen?

From Buzzfeed

Activist Justine Tunney, a Google engineer, has wrested control of the main @OccupyWallSt Twitter account away from other activists and is taking shots at important figures from the movement, including academic David Graeber, considered by some to be the intellectual father of Occupy. Though Tunney founded the account in 2011, other activists once had access to it. The big question: Who founded Occupy?

“I was the founding organizer of this movement,” Tunney tweeted from @OccupyWallSt on Thursday. “But prejudiced people have always tried to deny me a voice in this movement.”



“We always knew she was trouble, I should’ve taken it away when I had the password,”

Oh gee ya think! This is almost as lulzy as when Laurelai Baily said he started the Arab Spring.


“After taking over the account and apparently blocking access to any other administrators, Justine went on a twitter rampage.  Some of her ideas were fairly lucid, some were common sense and interesting, but there was a toxic overtone of ego.  For many who find a home in Occupy, the distribution of leadership amongst all of those who choose to show up is one of, if not the, singular defining attribute.  So, having anyone, trans woman, cis woman, trans man, cis man, show up and say ‘Hey, I built this and now I am taking it back’ comes as something of a slap in the face.”


Read more here:



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Janet Mock on the “Underground Railroad” into Child Prostitution for Transgender Youth- and why he thinks that’s a good thing.


This is all very interesting in light of the Piers Morgan fiasco. The comment by Leila is dead on “It just strikes me that trans women and feminists clash so much because they have entirely different priorities. The priority of feminism is dismantling a patriarchal system that oppresses women, while most trans women mainly want to be seen as women and therefore fully embrace patriarchal norms imposed on women. While we fight against the harm of compulsory femininity, the poverty that overwhelmingly affects women and leads them to engage in survival sex work, etc. trans women view this as affirming and empowering, because what matters is people confirming their identity. It’s the same reason that the Vancouver Rape Relief was sued by Kimberly Nixon. Because who actually cares about the vital services it provides to rape victims? The important thing is validating trans women’s identities. and all thing is modern, mainstream feminism apparently. ugh.”

Originally posted on GenderTrender:

Gay Male Janet Mock thinks child prostitution is "empowering"

Gay Male Janet Mock thinks child prostitution is “empowering”

A sense of community, sisterhood, resiliency, resources, strength. It was like our underground railroad of resources to navigate a system not built for us. And for me that’s what sex work gave me.”- Janet Mock on his child prostitution experience.

Janet Mock says child prostitution is “liberatory” and “empowering” for transgender children in an article and series of videos he published this week. He describes an “underground railroad” of adult males that introduce transgender minors, including himself, into sexual relations with adult men for pay, which he celebrates as “making us feel desired”.

It is hard to imagine a public figure celebrating child prostitution and publicly testifying to personal knowledge of an “underground railroad” that coveys minors into sexual acts with adults without –at the very least- being questioned by the FBI. But in this case it is supposedly

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