Spread the Lies Sly

Update: here is a link to a larger version of  the threat he sent. https://privilegedenyingtranny.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/2012-01-06_0800.jpg

Does being hopped up on T make you believe your own bullshit?  Just take a look at Xander try to explain away his predatory actions. Oh wait, he doesn’t, it’s everyone else who is attacking him. He is in no way responsible for anything he did on December 30th from a computer at the Toronto Sherbourne Health Center.


Xander, YOU are the one who sent the threatening message! YOU are the one who sent it from YOUR work at Toronto Sherbourne Health Center . I’ll just post it here to remind you…

Link to larger version



Check out the ip. It leads right to the clinic. And who happened to google himself on the same day I got that threatening message? OH XANDER SARKISOVA!

You claim in your blog that you are the victim. No, you’re not. Someone disagreed with you on your blog. You decided to take to the nets and to scare this person, using her personal information against her. Trying strike fear into her, to shut her  up, to silence her. Now you have the fucking audacity to pretend that you are the victim of some sort of  “right wing, lesbian” conspiracy? You are having a fucking laugh!  Is this the kind of behavior they accept at the Toronto Sherbourne Health Center ? Is this the type of person who they want talking to people who have counselling needs? Someone who threatens women and their children? Someone who is so fundamentally angry with women who disagree that he will find her information and try to use it to scare her into silence, just like so many rapists, abusers, murdering, blackmailing men do?

“Sly” ain’t sly, he ain’t shit really. What he should be is shit scared that he might get shit canned. By the way Xan, it’s not a good idea to threaten anonymous bloggers, especially when your name, address and phone number are the first thing that pop up when you search your name.

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