Xander Sarkisova’s attempts to censor, fail

Xander Sarkisova attempted to censor a vlogger on youtube because she called out Xander’s  blog on corrective rape of lesbians and his outrageous harassment of a woman.

Here is the original video:  Xander Sarkisova: DMCA’S, LOLSUITS, Corrective Rape and general insanity

Here are some comments posted by Xander before the video was DMCA’d by him.

Yes Xander, as I pointed out in previous posts some tranz “women” are actually rapists too. One thing does not negate the other. Note the threat with “unlawful.” You know what’s unlawful? Writing threats from your work computer at the clinic you work at!

Total contradiction and an admission! So yes, he did try to bully someone into silence by using their “publicly available information.”  Somehow, when the tables are turned on Ole Sly it becomes “character assassination, desperate and unlawful.”  So which is it Slick?  When you intimidate other people it’s ok but when those people stand up for themselves it’s somehow unlawful?  Cognitive Dissonance bro!

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