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2012: The Year End Twanz!

It’s been quite a year for trans privilege. I’ve had multiple threats on my life for daring to host a blog that merely makes fun of the dudez who think  the trappings of female presentation magically make them a woman.  These guys don’t quite seem to get that using their male privilege to intimidate women, whilst claiming to be women shows the innate hypocrisy to their cause of REAL GURLNESS.  Scary how many of these MEN now refer to themselves as girls. *Shudder*

There were so many dudes to choose from. From 50 somethings playing at being women while playing on a girls basketball team, to be-peened dudes screaming at lesbians that they were the REAL lesbians at a dyke march, to women being unable to gather together in public without a penis present, this year has been both desperately funny and depressing. I had so much to choose from,  but one person stood out.


A man so privileged that his ex wife had to write a book about her experience with a dude who decides he wants to become a woman. A man so privileged that he uses his privilege not only to try to silence her, but whips up lynch mobs to scream TWANZPHOBIA where ever she goes. A dude so privileged that he actually tells the judge at the divorce hearing that his WIFE shouldn’t have custody of her daughters because she’s not “feminine enough” and only he can show the little girls what it’s like to be a woman (LOL!).





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Congrats Joy Ladin! You use your male privilege to abuse and harass while simultaneously claiming to  to be the victim. You truly are 2012 Privilege Denying Tranny of the Year!


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Most Privelege Denying Trans of the Year

Wow, it’s been quite a year in twanz entitlement. I look forward to posting PDT King/Queen of 2012 next week. Stay tuned!!


He’s claiming he gestated and birthed his daughter…NO NO NO NONONONONONONOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO