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The Undeniable Butthurt of Joy Ladin




Was poking around Good Reads last night and was shocked (not really) to see that Privilege Denying Tranny Of  the Year, Jay “Joy” Ladin,  rated his ex-wife’s book back in November of 2012. But things got better. Apparently  giving her a one star review wasn’t enough.



Check the date, his butt hurt so much about this book that he just posted a nasty review full of sexism and misogyny. Cause a woman  speaking about her experience with a narcissist like Joy Ladin makes her story unreliable cause it’s sooooo darn angry!! Check out the coded (or not so coded) words he chooses.  I love how he plugs his own  book while writing about how his ex-wife’s account isn’t to be trusted because she’s an angry women and as always it’s hard to evaluate the reliability of an angry women, plus she’s a bigot!!! She didn’t want to continue in a relationship with my lady wang! WAAAA!!! Also, isn’t this a pretty disingenuous review when he doesn’t reveal that he is in fact the dude she is writing about in her book? Yeah, I thought so too.




LOL he put his own book on his list “To read.”  Who the fuck does that? Oh yeah, a narcissistic asshole.

At least one commenter got it right.



Once again Joy Ladin shows his true colors as the  petty, pathetic little man he is. He can’t stand the fact that his ex-wife has a voice to speak, to share HER story about his transition and how it effected her and her family. He and his followers tried to shut her down, tried  to paint her as a bigot, tried to play the angry divorcee card and how she  shouldn’t be trusted. But for all the bluster it’s not working. The fact that his ex has a voice to speak pisses Jay off so much that he just couldn’t help himself and had respond. If you read any articles written by Christine Benvenuto it’s a given that you’ll find Jay in the comments section. Why is this? Because he’s a entitled spoiled man and reacts just like a man when any criticism is tossed his way.  Comment stalking, gas lighting, misogyny. I went to check Joy’s book to see if Christine had left a nasty comment and of course I didn’t find one.  The more Joy does shit like this the more validity Christine’s book has. He’s such a dummy but, narcissism and privilege will do that to a dude.

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What about the men!

Was looking through the hard femme tag on tumblr when I came a crossed this little missive.



I can respect your identity as long as you suck the lady stick!

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