Wrath of Men

People wonder why women don’t want men in their spaces. Well, they tend to be violent, irrational, demanding or our time and energy. They want us to believe their lies and delusions and when we don’t, when we speak up they try to intimidate us into submission. This is exactly what a small rabid band of trans trolls on twitter did. The decided that since women (one woman in particular) did not bend to their will they would use intimidation tactics to scare them and force them into silence…


lol no one cares


So this dude is paranoid about people knowing him, but then proceeds to pic dump pictures of feminists, some who have nothing to do with him or the #radfem2013 tag on twitter, to get back at any women who don’t fall in line. This reminds me of men who go on spree shootings. They don’t care who they hit as long as they get to make people suffer.  Caprica dude has since retreated and made his account private like the coward he is but his buddies still are gleefully reveling and harassing in the fall out.

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These dudes are so creepy.  I mean, could you get any more male privileged than stalking women, posting pictures of them and harassing them? What are they reddit users? Classic creep shots shit. It’s not like these guys aren’t hard to find. I’ve seen Six of Caprica’s OK Cupid. Will I post it? No. Why? Cause there’s no point. He’s just another creepy dude interested in living a delusion, while crying on the internet about his oppression while he actively harasses women. Just like most dudes.  Dude is a dude is a dude.

Why wouldn’t we want these dudes at a women’s only event with such activist tweets as this!

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They really do respect women don’t they!? These are exactly the type you would want to come to your feminist conference. Misogynistic, bigoted, jealous, hateful, privileged males in drag. Yep, totes women they are!

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