Man vows to file complaint against airport employee who failed to assume he was female based on his awful wig and drag make-up

Privilege denying dude in drag. Oh the tears of a clown.


Enza Anderson, a massive male drag queen and attention-seeker with awful taste in feminine attire vows to file complaint against a female employee who acknowledged his actual and legal sex, reports Xtra.

Enza, featured performer in the 2003 documentary “A Man In A Dress” and perpetual failed political candidate (Mayor Toronto 2000, Canadian Alliance 2002, City Council Toronto 2003, City Council Toronto, 2010) was offended by a female employee at the Pearson airport who failed to pretend that he was female as he was expecting her to do. Enza, a male with a passport labeled male felt the employee should have pretended he was female due to his cwazy drag queen get-up. She didn’t. And dude-bro Enza had his male ego bruised as the speshul-ness of his sekret “female-NESS” was not HONORED by the female worker who was there to SERVE HIM.

In Enza’s cwazy-ass entitled male-prick mind females…

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