It’s OK to Abuse Women Cause They Have Books That Hurt Feels

You know that right? Well according to the dude bro’s at Law and Disorder  it’s perfectly acceptable behavior!

Get ready for some classic mansplaining by the pseudo left!



Let me remind you it was two women sitting at a booth with books. Not making speeches, not threatening anyone. Just chilling with some books. This is what the trans/queer community consider attacking? FFS!


Saying gender is a social construct makes people harm themselves. Get the fuck outta here.


Somehow I imagine if DGR had marked on the trans hand they would be crying bloody murder.


LOL Peacey. What a peace lovin dude.


Violence against women is OK cause men in dresses feelings are more important.

shenis radfemsrbadmmmkay

DGR books are being called “HATE FILLED PROPAGANDA  on par with Mein Kamph. These manarchists are the same people are more than happy to have a conference as a torture porn venue, but that’s probably not hateful, white supremacist or violent against women in any way cause “AGENCY”  right?


Pron is fun, cool and feminist

– Dudes


You mean like the trans cults chanting that men are women? Yeah…totes different.


Unless you’re cock pleasing you ain’t a pleasing feminist!


Gender is a social construct and harms women is hate speech? Advocating harming/”destroying” aka murdering women who say that gender rolls harm them? This asshole is a fucking psychotic violent creep drunk on their own bullshit.


Feminists are vile pieces of shit but pedophillia and child prositution aOk!


Yeah we need to do this so people understand why we don’t want these violent males in women only spaces.


Wait, so feminists are nazi’s, into eugenics, racist, classist blah blah blah but someone brings up the fact that queer authors have wrote defending pedophila (child rape) and it’s just an Ad Hom? Yeah cool story bro.

adhomlol ohffs

Because saying gender oppresses women is perpetuating violence and every other shitty thing in the world? *eye roll* Also classic WOMEN DO IT TOO reversal.


Oh violence against women is funny and your name is gross and feminists are white (coming from a fucking white dude no less! lol)

lies \

Classic reversal. These women from DGR weren’t really violently and physically assaulted! It was their fault cause, BOOKS, WORDS, MALE=BIGOT, etc, etc, etc.


Yeah, how dare there be something there that someone doesn’t like. Could you imagine if Ronny Ron put the same analysis toward pornography? Oh hell, that would never happen cause being a feminist is all about making the dick happy amIrite?


They’re not being labeled as men. They are men. Men are the one’s who are attacking trans people. Women speaking about how gender oppresses them does not.


Eugenics? LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! Please, god, just UGH!


More violence and dismissal.

And here we come to the best most gaslighting comment ever…


Yes, you read it right, not recognizing trans women as women is MISOGYNY in it’s highest form. What sort of fucked up shit is this? The word that means hatred of women and girls now means men in women’s cloths not made to feel speshual and womanly?

There is just not enough facepalm pics in the world for this level of delusion. So I’ll leave you with this…



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