The New(old) Queer Ultra Violence

For people who say they’re so oppressed it’s amazing the amount of power they wield when it comes to getting their way. Most of this power comes from male privilege and violence. I thought it might be interesting to take a look at the type of media this group spreads around and who they’re looking to attract with it.


Angry white kids steeped in porn culture.



What constitutes “fucking with” I wonder? Is saying that WBW space is necessary and vital a  molotov cocktail worthy offense?


detailsfeatures7v mt hope bash back

More white kids and their violent propaganda (and buckets lol)



Ultra Violence, like the pornafied Ultra Violence in Clockwork Orange? Yeah, there is something you want to emulate.



So, is saying that you’re still a man if you a have penis considered bashing? How is this different from right wing propaganda…Oh cause it’s got a rainbow on it…gotcha!





White radicals queers, not much different from violent skinhead punks in their attitude or demeanor.







Just LOL! Is this guy trying to be like The Night Porter or something? Creepy nazieque image.


So revolutionary.


UNYBashBack tumblr_m8ff1ghK881rd02zoo1_1280

p url Queer Riot tumblr_mmammt6XTn1s1kb1fo1_500


So what are the themes? Death, violence, bashing, beating, burning, killing, sexual exploitation, but it’s all new and fun and different cause RAINBOWS. This is the same male violent shit wrapped up in a pink package and passed off as revolutionary. Instead of racist skinheads doing the bashing it’s queer anarchist punks who are mostly lefty misogynists, but because these violent images are coming from the liberal end of the spectrum it’s  A OK?  These kind of images are designed to provoke militancy and anger within the person causing them to lash out, not at the ones who are actually causing the violence aka MEN, but at women. As we have witnessed, the majority of Queer “activism” has been silencing women and flaming them on social media and or holding conferences about getting into lesbians knickers, not actually doing anything to confront male violence or create shelters for Queers/Trans or helping set up rape crisis shelters/telephone hotlines manned by queers to help their community. Nope, let’s just march around with pink baseball bats and say we need to destroy everything and how women need to stfu up and fall in line with our misognistic pornafied violent bullshit, oh and give us all your spaces cause we, the lady wang bearers, need them now.  This is what happens when white dudes lead your movement. More of the same old violent shit dressed up in a brighter color scheme.

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