Thoughts of the Male Lesbian

Stumbled upon this Facebook page today and thought I’d share.

male tom boys

Male Tomboy wouldn’t be the correct term for this type of fuckery seeing as though tomboy is a highly gendered designation of girls who like to play and get dirty. Really has nothing to do with gender at all. Just being a damn kid. And a tomboy sure as hell wouldn’t be wearing makeup. So maybe sissy boy is the term they should go with since the patriarchy wants to women to smear chemical sludge on their faces and degrades anything that’s considered feminine.


Of course the first post is shitting on National Women’s Day in favor of something more manly



3 2

Does that mean he’s the elusive “two spirited tranny.” I wonder if a bee sting or male baldness meds sent him over into male dykedom? Or maybe it was just listening to Eddie Izzard on loop. *shrugs*

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