He’s a “Lesbian” Now. The TransGenderfication of Helicopter Pilot Bob Tur

Science pulled directly from Bob Tur’s ass

” I was born with a feminized brain.”

“The typical transgender tends to be 30 IQ points above average, they tend to be left handed, they tend to be fairly conservative, they’ve been married, have children.”

” It’s like you have this feminized brain without the right hormones and once you get them the OCD,the OCD dysmorphic feelings are gone. “

” If you go on YouTube and look up male to female transition videos you’ll be shocked at the differences. Over the next three months- my body is starting to change now, my, I think, my hands are getting- I’m starting to lose a lot of muscle mass. Your body changes to a feminine shape. Your skin changes to female skin over the course of about 120 days.”

“So the, you start thinking with white matter as opposed to men thinking with grey matter. So where I was able to make split decisions flying and being in really rough conditions, weather conditions- I don’t know if I’d be as good a pilot because now I’m using white matter and I’m becoming- that really bridges the left and right brains, and you become a consensus builder. You start being more analytical. Not as impulsive as you were when you’re a guy.”

OH HOLY FUCK! Not only does he have a laydee brain, but his skin is changing to FEMALE SKIN. This is so fucking creepy. I actually have chills reading this assholes rantings. Sexist, misogynistic fucking freak.



This really takes the cake. Bob Tur, the famed news helicopter pilot who captured the Reginald Denny beating and OJ Simpson’s slow Broncho drive of police avoidance, has announced that he is henceforth no longer male. His misunderstanding of reproductive biology is enabled by a transgender politic which piggybacks on the gay movement’s platform of non-discrimination against same-sex relationships. Except this piggybacking politic has little in common with an equality platform and instead forwards a retrograde right-wing conservative agenda beyond anything even the fundamentalists could invent.

According to the transgender movement, men and women have distinctively oppositional brain functions caused by our reproductive biology. Namely, women have organically submissive and toilet-cleaning and compliant and pink-loving brains, and men do science and business and order women around and kill things and stuff. Per the transgender movement, Femininity (submission, softness, compliance, objectification) is an inherent quality of reproductively Female humans and Masculinity…

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