So my blog was attacked and flagged down for hurting feels last week. This is a pattern in the MRA/TRA/Queerio movement to silence all descent at all costs. My blog just mocks the shit out of Male/Trans privilege and points out the hypocritical and often violent nature of these ‘activists.” Because it’s an anon blog they can’t threaten death or rape effectively so they just flag it under false pretenses. Just like Sophia Photo’s plans to do with Radical Feminist twitter accounts she disagrees with. No one gives a shit about Sociopath Photos but in So’s delusional mind we are all out gunning for him.

The cool thing is that someone stepped up and bought the this domain for me so I’ll be transferring all past posts to soon. Cheers for that. So I won’t have to worry about the TRA Horde and their self righteous butt hurt.


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