Gender Identity Laws allow “Transwoman” to exhibit his erect penis in Toronto YMCA women’s locker room

Of course a 70 y.o. woman is just dismissed over a guy and his raging erection. Think of his feelings! I’m really infuriated reading this post. How the trans mra’s just close ranks and instead of dealing with the problem of MEN EXPOSING THEIR COCKS IN WOMEN’S AREAS they say that the woman is lying, she’s a “terf’ or some such bullshit. Fuck this. I want all men and their cocks out!



Yet another example of the “Colleen Francis” effect of Gender Identity laws and how they allow men to inflict sexual abuse on women and girls in locker rooms and other sex-segregated areas of public nudity. In this instance, a 70 year old woman described what happened to her in a question she sent to the advice column of her local newspaper, the Toronto Star:

I am a senior woman. Recently, a “man” claiming to be transgender, who had not yet begun physical treatments, was permitted by our local Y to use the women’s locker room. There are no secure change rooms. The person they allowed in was not courteous and stared at me while I struggled out of a wet bathing suit. He was naked, had an erection and playfully asked ‘do you come here often?’ I understand that gender is no longer judged solely by…

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