Did anyone catch J’amie Private School Girl? Whenever I see Chris Lilley in drag it reminds me of every adult trans on the internet.


Speaking of narassistic rapey asshole, Julia Serrano is at it again with a whiney corrective rape piece about how mean the lesbians are for not bowing to his lady wang delusions and getting off with him. Why won’t they accept his maleness as female! It’s ‘transphobic biggotry’ (not that they’re lesbians and they don’t want to have sex with you cause you’re a MAN, no that can’t be the reason. jfc)

I recently discovered a blog called Deluded Serano and it’s delicious. Hats off to whoever attempted to decode the dude. His prose is so fucking whiny and self indulgent I couldn’t get through it. Leave it to a dude to get a book published crying about how he can’t collectively rape lesbians so he dates dudes who will literally fuck anything.

I’m not sure. All I really know is that when I come out to people, it’s not really about me or my identity. It’s about their assumptions, their expectations, their investment in who they think I am. Which is actually not at all related to why Gay People have to come out. Gay People have to come out because of COMPULSORY HETEROSEXUALITY, in which we are all assumed to be straight. Of course, me, being Kulia Serano, doesn’t need to come out, because I am a giant weirdo that most Regular People can see is a total freak to be avoided. But anyway, if they didn’t make any assumptions about me, then I couldn’t possibly be “closeted” and I couldn’t be accused of “passing” as anything. Tee hee, it’s all about me, fuck the concept of Compulsory Heterosexuality. And if I told them something about myself, it wouldn’t be a “coming out” because they wouldn’t have already made their minds up about me in the first place.


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