International Lolsuit


In a desperate attempt to regain support after accusing Laurelai Baily of rape on Twitter, Sophia aka Daryl Banks has decided a lolsuit is order!


soph sues 5

Yes, a sure fire way to get money and support is accusing Cathy Brennan and the Terfs of destroying you. It’s not that he spends all day everyday on twitter and the craziness is palpably coming off his tweets or the only promotions he runs is CATHY IS TRYING TO DESTROY, ME LOOK AT MY WEBSITE!!!


Sopha sues1

Anyone would see that and want to stay clear, especially when it comes to a wedding which is supposed to be a perfect day for the bride and groom. Could you imagine have Sophia as your photographer? Bridezillia, move over for Tranzilla! THE CIS BITCH BRIDE MADE ME FEEL UGLY! FUCK HER PHOTOS!

sophia fireants

Of course, the fact that he’s unstable doesn’t matter when Cathy Brennan name is dropped. Quick where’s the paypal! He’s also accusing her of causing him to be evicted. Then he says he’s being evicted because his landlord wants to live in the unit he’s in. But of course this all because of his special gender feels and CB.

sophia homelesssophia homeless2


Does nobody see this? He accused Cathy Brennan of  making him “homeless” except he’s still in his home, he hasn’t moved out and his landlord is asking him to leave because she wants to occupy the space?  Let’s not bother ourselves with pesky little things like facts. CATHY BRENNAN YOU GUYS! GIVE ME MONEY!


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