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This is trans activism…this is male violence.

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Not only are they hell bent on destroying this woman, they want to destroy her family and anyone she is, was, or allegedly was associated with. This is disturbing. This is male violence. This is silencing. These males think that they’re being silenced by so called “terfs” because women tweet/write blogs about knowing that a penis isn’t a female sex organ. They consider that hate speech. So they attack in the most violent way possible ignoring their entitlement, perpetuating male violence against women who speak out against male power. These men aren’t activists. They’re MRA’s actively working to silence women.

Gender Identity Watch

dahjTransactivists Doug McDonald, Marian Melby, Wesley BaileyDaryl Banks and others appear to have collaborated to post the personal information of Cathy Brennan’s elderly parents & others.

The so-called “Dyke&Trans Alliance” attempted to “dox” Cathy Brennan and her family. Doxxing is a form of intimidation transactivists use against men and women who disagree with gender identity theory. A high-profile incident of doxxing was directed at Dr. J. Michael Bailey, author of the book “The Man Who Would Be Queen.”  Bailey was attacked by Andrea James, a Los Angeles-based transgender advocate and consultant. James downloaded images from Bailey’s Web site of his children, taken when they were in middle and elementary school, and posted them on her own site, with sexually explicit captions that she provided.

The doxx encourages users to tell Brennan’s mother what “her daughter” is up to. Mrs. Brennan wants to convey to readers…

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