”wo”MEN who code

Was on twitter today and clicked on a link to an article about women who code. I thought ” great! women in the technology field are finally getting some recognition!”

I was greeted with this picture…



My first thought was ” That’s a dude” and after a quick google search to see if my suspicions were correct I find this


beth7 beth6 beth5 beth4

So yeah um, thanks Business Insider for putting together an article about how women are not represented in the tech field and have a dude with long hair as your cover model. Great form! Let’s be honest no one would give a shit about Beth if he didn’t fancy himself a female. These guys use their privilege and take up what little space and prestige women have in a male dominated field for their own. It’s really disheartening. It’s like if you want to be a woman in the tech industry and get some recognition for it, you better be a man first. smh Oh and congrats on his obtaining citizenship in the UK. I’m sure y’all being funding his tax payer funded sex change/cosmetic surgeries soon.

So, I took a look at Beth’s blog and of course he’s a “dyke identified trans woman.”  Not only a woman co-opting pos but a Cotton Ceiling pos as well.

beth 8


Yes please, write a blog about how women, especially lesbian women need to walk on egg shells around your special snowflake feelings.  He has a whole blog dedicated to how a doctor who was giving him a breast exam didn’t know he was trans. Wow, really? If I can take one look at your selfy and tell then I am really concerned about the quality of these medical professionals. Or he just didn’t want a sperging trans in his office.

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