Briana Reynolds v. BioLife Plasma Services (USA)

This mans feelings are more important than any lousy “blood supply”!!!!!!

Gender Identity Watch


Briana Reynolds started donating plasma at BioLife Plasma Services in mid-2009.  He donated as a male for more than four years before beginning his transition to a identifying “as a woman” in December 2013.  Reynolds now alleges that BioLife does not allow male-to-female transgenders who identify as straight to donate plasma.  

Tara Goodin, press officer for the FDA, provided an email statement regarding donor eligibility.

“FDA’s primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of the blood supply,” Goodin said. “FDA remains willing to consider new approaches to donor screening and testing if those approaches can assure that blood recipients are not placed at an increased risk of HIV or other transfusion transmitted diseases.”

The encounter with BioLife was embarrassing for Reynolds and caused him a financial hardship as he depended on the extra $200 a month he was making at BioLife, Reynolds said.  “Between my part-time job and BioLife…

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