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Mental Health, Homophobia and Womb Envy

Was chatting with a friend tonight about Germaine Greer and how women have it worse now then they did in the 70’s. She’s not wrong. Porn, male entitlement and the rise of the lad/bro, fun fem, queer culture has pretty much made any woman a walking target for misogynistic abuse, stalking and worse. I doubt the trend of no women’s space unless a prick is present escaped Greer’s keen notice, but she wouldn’t dare mention that without fear of another glitter bombing attack and black list from the man stream media. Anyway my friend was telling me about an awesome quote by Greer about the rise of the trans back in 1999. I googled it and found the quote on “rational”wiki.



Oh of course! TRANS WOMEN HAVE ACTUALLY DIED GETTING UTERUS TRANSPLANTS. JFC. What Frankenstein quack performed these mythical surgeries?  What women are they getting these uteri from? Please tell me. Out of sheer curiosity I decided to google if any trans women have had any such bull shit surgery (SURPRISE! they haven’t). But, I did find an article about a dude who wants to have one and a doctor quoted him the price of 250k.


Each of us has a story or a script that we fashion and live our lives by. When it takes us down the wrong path, we rewrite the script from a wiser place, and navigate closer and closer to our truth. Sarah Luiz says she knows in her heart of hearts that she’s living a life true to her being — which is why she feels confident she’ll be the first transgender woman to give birth.

Luiz has begun the medical candidacy interview process, and she says New York doctors at Downtown Hospital are looking her way.

“They need to have the right person,” she says. ” If you did this with a woman, amazing. If you do this with a transgender woman, it will receive a lot of attention.”

Reading the story we learn that “Luiz first made news when she sued insurance giant Blue Cross Blue Shield for her gender reassignment surgery.” aaannnnnnd….


Yes, was a regular on the 80’s/90’s freak show, I mean talk show circuit.

So to recap, a biological man, who maybe had SRS, ( he said a Brazilian millionaire gave him the money, there are a lot of millionaires in this guys life even though he’s now a prostitute) thinks he’s going to be given a uterus and ovaries by a biological woman (how this would even happen is anyone’s guess)  they’ll all work fine and dandy, with no rejection and be able to deliver a healthy child at 44 years old. Magical thinking, delusional? NO THAT’S TRANSPHOBIC.


About a year and half ago, Luiz started writing a book and putting her life together emotionally and spiritually, to find some closure with her past. She stopped looking outside and started looking in.

The book is also a way to earn money to pay for the uterine transplant operation she desires.

The price tag for the surgery not cheap at $250,000 — but that doesn’t daunt Luiz, who now works as a server at a local restaurant chain.

Luiz has always wanted a family and has been considering adoption for more than 20 years, but the time has never been right. Now, with the cutting edge medical technology in New York, she wants to have the child herself.

“Am I too greedy to put a live human being through this?” she torments herself with during sleepless nights. “This child may become the most famous child in the world.”

She says she answers the question in her heart of hearts, “No.”

Hey are you greedy for wanting to take a womb from another woman’s body, surgically implant it into you and use their eggs and I’m presuming your sperm (unless he’s been surgically castrated ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   ) to create a child so you can live your delusional woman fantasy? Naaaaaaaahhhh.

Luiz hopes to give birth to a girl, though she says she’d be happy with a boy, too.

In the end, she exclaims, “My name is Sarah Luiz, and glad I can I’m believe in my dreams!”

How transphobic. He of all people should know that “genitalia doesn’t make you a boy or a girl!” This was the last comment on the article…

livinthedreamHow utterly fucking depressing. I was watching a video of Sarah Luiz on youtube and saw this comment.

assholejohnSo, a gay man gets treated like shit by his family for being gay. Thinks he must really be a woman and instead of getting the mental health issues  sorted, is now  prostituting himself to asshole johns. Sounds like an empowering pomo rags to prostitution Cinderella  story  we should be gleefully applauding instead of seeing this as a failure of the mental health system on all fronts and intense internalized homophobia from years of abuse.

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Eugene Take Back The Night Unsafe for Feminists

This is amazing. Men dictating to women if they can come to an event that’s about women and rape. The women who were asked to leave are doing more for women than any trans/lib fem will ever do. Asking women to leave an event while they are peaceably standing there because their mere presence is considered “hostile” or some such shit is so telling about trans privilege. They can have women removed from events. Could you ever, EVER imagine a situation where the situation was reversed? Could you ever imagine a man or a trans (w0)man being asked to leave an event because they made a woman feel uncomfortable because of something he said/did/politics? HELL FUCKIN NO. He would kick up such a fuss and the internet would melt down with calls of ‘twanzphobia’ etc. That’s why people like this dude are allowed, not only to write for but, RUN “feminist” blogs and spaces.


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Chelsea Manning: Master Works

Artists throughout the ages have penned pictures of great beauty. CIS BEAUTY! In honor of Bradley becoming Chelsea an artist immortalized him as the bouncy haired Breck Girl he is on the inside.


If only the great masters weren’t so TRANSPHOBIC!

bottiBradley bradleylisa Manning Gothic

Kate Mannin




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Denver State Women’s Wellness Center now to offer cervical cancer screenings to men who feel like they are female

In order to placate men and their delusions, women and girls will have to forgo their life saving treatments to make sure penises and surgically created fuckholes are given the attention they do deserve. Ladies, please take a seat at the back, men are here for a phantom cervical cancer screening!

Dick Pleaseing or Bust!

lol wutSoooooooooooooooooooooooo, feminism must affirm the dick in every possible way or it’s rubbish?  This is Transgender Feminism! Dick worshiping misogyny at it’s finest.



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Trans Feminism in Action!

Ugh, Dana what the fuck his face. Also known as Caprica 6 (lol) and  Miss Sudo Khaleesi fancies zierself a feminist, but look at all this awesome feminist action he did today on his twitter feed…

4_5_1 4_5_2

Dana the feminist acts pretty damn male when he’s insulting other people…

4_5_3 4_5_4 4_5_5 4_5_6 4_5_8


Cause calling people “Pussy” “Bitch” “Dickless” telling someone to “shut the fuck up” and that they would “cower before me etc etc is totes feminist right! Wow sounds very much how a MAN would react. I guess Dana decided to take a break from being triggered and nearly committing suicide to have a male freakout on the net.  It’s so lulz. It’s so creepy that he’s telling someone that they would “cower before” him.


But there’s more!

4_5_9 4_5_7 4_5_10

Dude, you are right. There isn’t enough treatment in the world to get your crazy ass together.  I suggest his shrink starts by looking at his twitter feed to see the insanity in action, but I’m sure they would just drop him like the hot crazy potato he is knowing that anything they said would be twisted and tweeted about as triggering or transphobic or some such shit. Personality disorder plus!

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