“Woman” arrested for bestiality ? News Media fictionalizes sex of crime suspect


woman 1 Fake News report on Huffington Post


woman 2 Fake news report on Fox News

I’ve said this before: when stories emerge in the media about women who live as fake mountain-climbing paraplegics or live as adult babies in diapers shoving marshmallows up their ass, or who are cited with multiple felony rape charges, or who are accused of multiple sadistic sexual serial murders, or in this case, are arrested for bestiality for fucking horses, there is an EXTREMELY good chance the perpetrator in question is actually a man, who is falsely reported as female on the grounds that said male is a transgenderist. News agencies and incompetent journalists like David Moye at the Huffington Post now falsely report male crimes and male perpetrators as female, if the male in question is a member of the genderist belief community.

From the PhoenixNewTimes:

The ad on Craigslist, which is still…

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