Eugene Take Back The Night Unsafe for Feminists

This is amazing. Men dictating to women if they can come to an event that’s about women and rape. The women who were asked to leave are doing more for women than any trans/lib fem will ever do. Asking women to leave an event while they are peaceably standing there because their mere presence is considered “hostile” or some such shit is so telling about trans privilege. They can have women removed from events. Could you ever, EVER imagine a situation where the situation was reversed? Could you ever imagine a man or a trans (w0)man being asked to leave an event because they made a woman feel uncomfortable because of something he said/did/politics? HELL FUCKIN NO. He would kick up such a fuss and the internet would melt down with calls of ‘twanzphobia’ etc. That’s why people like this dude are allowed, not only to write for but, RUN “feminist” blogs and spaces.


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