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A True LGBT Positive Role Model

What more is there to say about Sarah Brown? I’ll just let him speak for himself…



Aunty29just lol auntyaunty lesbian1auntysawomanlolauntysballsaunty fake lesbianAunty32Aunty30

Who better to be a positive role model than an openly misogynistic, lesbian appropriating male who spews out violent rhetoric, telling women to suck his nuts. But this isn’t misogyny right? This isn’t deep–seated hatred of women cause he says he’s one. And you know just saying you’re a woman magically makes it so! Actually he is the perfect role model for male entitlement and privilege. Just look at him pretend to be a victim while attacking women who stood up to his vile misogyny. He keeps pretending that everyone should just forget what he wrote 5 years ago because “it’s the past.” Well why doesn’t he forget what Julie Bindel wrote 5 years ago? That’s in the past too right? Why are trans activists hounding women who have performed at Mich Fest in the past and demanding them to apologize for it? Why are feminists, like Gloria Steinem, being forced to apologize for shit they’ve said in the past? (and I’m talking about shit they’ve said in the 70’s) There is no statue of limitations when it comes to women and apologies. Women will always be demanded and expected to apologize for every infraction or misdeed, not matter how long the event occurred.  Trans activists, such as Brown, excuse themselves  from their vile misogyny by blaming others pretending that the passage of time is so great that  their misogyny doesn’t matter anymore or that they are the true victim of some perceived slight, there for justified in their actions.

aunty entitled

aunty empathy aunty evil aunty5andahalf aunty priv

That’s the most honest thing he’s ever wrote. Yes, it is privilege.  It’s his white male privilege that allowed him to think writing this was acceptable.

Now, there is a point to all of this, and that’s that there is no word in the English language, that I am aware of, for the smegma-like mixture of dead skin cells, gynaecological lube, stale urine (gives it its distinctive smell) and sweat that is sometimes present as a white residue on the end of a dilation stent when a post-operative trans woman withdraws the stent after dilating her neovagina.

I propose rectifying this linguistic oversight. I propose naming this mixture, “bindel”.

It’s his continued privilege and entitlement to excuse himself by saying ” That was 5 or  5.5 or 6, years ago!” Notice he never actually apologizes, even though he demands constant apologies from everyone else. It’s privilege that allows him to continue to harass Bindel after all this time, but still play the victim. On his livejournal alone ( which he still updates with his new blogs) she has been referenced nearly 300 times.



It’s privilege that allows him to tweet at women (many of whom are real lesbians and/or victims of sexual abuse)  to “suck his balls” and that they are “cock obsessed” because they know that a penis is male and it can harm and impregnate them against their will.  It’s privilege that he has never grown up with the constant fear of rape. It’s privilege that he openly mocks our fear of being raped by men. It’s privilege that he’s appropriated the term lesbian. It’s privilege that he’s allowed to refer to a surgically created hole as a “vagina.” It’s privilege that he can be openly hostile to women and still be a politician. It’s privilege that no one will call this out for fear of being called a “transphobe”, “transmisoginistic” or “cis sexist.”  All of this is real, palpable privilege that these men have over the so called “privileged cis woman.” It’s privilege that allows him to turn any critique of his behavior and turn it into ” they just want to fuck me.” It’s also privielge that will allow him to scoff at this and cry victimhood or gas-lighting or some such bullshit. Oh Sarah Brown…you may have had your dick removed, but you’re still one at heart.

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Sarah Brown asks you to “Suck my formaldehyde pickled balls”

In what world can a politician graphically describe a journalist being the crusty “smegma” inside of a m2t’s neo-vag, actively campaign to get said journalist ‘no platformed’ at speaking engagements, publicly state that he thinks men should flout the laws of the country he’s sworn to up hold as a politician in order to procure black market estrogen and not get called out for it? Well a S.C.A.M. of course!

aunty Sarah

Enter in the sucking black hole that is Sarah Brown. After a crushing defeat by the labor party in the UK’s recent election cycle, Brown has found himself out of a job. And what do men do when they loose? Lash out at anyone and everyone possible, while simultaneously building a case why they’re not responsible for their own actions.

“Aunty” Sarah has been constructing an argument that “Terfs” have been “hounding him” to have a nervous breakdown over the past few months, thus making it impossible for him to do anything other than tweet incessantly and take fistfuls of Valium to calm his lady nerves. I’m sure his misogyny and law flouting PUBLIC statements had nothing to do with his supposed lapse in work ability.  After all, it’s “transmisogny/phobia/bigotry” that’s causing him problems, not the fact that he’s a sexist, who advocates breaking the law.  Brown wrote a lengthy post outlining his decent into ‘madness’ at the hands of the vicious terf horde.  It’s a pretty  tl;dr , but of course Brown keeps updating with tweets about the number of hits he’s getting…

aunty16aunty14Aunty13 Aunty9

He made a video of all his ‘evidence’. Too bad he can’t edit properly so we can actually read them. Basically women talking about how shitty he’s been acting and that a politician who works in the public health sector should probably not be so virulently anti-women, but hey, he’s trans so he can say and do whatever he wants! That includes telling the press to ”

‘suck my formaldehyde pickled balls’

No shit. This really happened.

Ousted Liberal Democrat Sarah Brown has lifted the lid on her mental health collapse – while launching a bizarre online diatribe.

Ms Brown, who is transgender, told one blogger to “suck my formaldehyde pickled balls” after she lost her seat on Cambridge City Council last week – although she later clarified that her testicles had been incinerated.

Yesterday Ms Brown said her attack on Richard Taylor had been the result of “catharsis mixed with disappointment”, as she revealed a separate campaign of online harassment had pushed her into a mental health crisis.

Ms Brown said “transphobic” jibes had forced her onto heavy doses of antidepressants and turned her into a “gibbering wreck”.

In a blog post, she said a series of complaints lodged with the Liberal Democrats after she withdrew from a conference on feminism had “hit her very hard”.

Ms Brown, who was the executive councillor responsible for public health in the defeated Liberal Democrat administration, said her blog was forced offline and her email was hacked during the harassment campaign.

She wrote: “My already fragile mental health collapsed. I went into severe anxiety and depression. I locked my Twitter down, and told a very select group of people what was happening.

“Some people noticed I started to miss some scheduled meetings: ‘Cllr Brown sends her apologies, she is unwell’ was the line.

The reality: Cllr Brown was curled up under her bed sheet, tranquillised up to her eyeballs, terrified, crying and barely in a position to feed herself, let alone attend a committee meeting.”

Ms Brown said she now wanted to take a “bit of a break” and that she counted herself lucky to be financially secure and to have been surrounded by supportive colleagues and friends.

She said she wanted people to feel they were able to talk about their mental health problems.

However, Mr Taylor, of Milton Road, said he felt Ms Brown’s criticisms were unfair. He said: “It would definitely have been unacceptable for a councillor and I think it still brings her into disrepute afterwards.”

Oh I believe Brown has mental problems but, I’m betting they are more to do with a case of malignant  personality disorder.  Why are these trans constantly in the fetal position “literally shaking” anytime they’re confronted with their bullshit? Brown takes time out of his rant to harass Bindel for her non-roll in his own downfall.

Aunty6 Aunty7 Aunty4 Aunty3
Of course  the drama continues. Brown has been ranting on his twitter for better part of the day, taking a break to soak up the praise and sympathy he’s getting from famous prostitutes and other sympathizers.  This reminds me of every other twitter trans melt down. Sophia PhotosDana SudoSophia again. All you have to to do is claim that TERFS have stolen your ice cream and sit back and wait for the sympathy, back pats and misogyny roll in. That is male privilege right there.
Um, sorry (not sorry) to say this but, the VAST majority of people don’t care about your alleged harassment. They want to see the epic meltdown of a former public official. It’s like the train wreck you just can’t turn away from. With each new tweet comes a new accusation even more outlandish than before.
aunty snake charmer
After all this crap, Brown thinks he’s a Positive Roll Model
What’s positive about all this? What’s positive about a epic melt down on twitter? What’s positive about vitriolic women hating? Brown has no other rebuttal to the things that he has said about Bindel other than ” That was five years ago.”  He skirts any questions about his behavior and blames it all on other people “harassing him” or  “hacking him”. If he was indeed hacked wouldn’t that be a breach of governmental security? Wouldn’t he, as a public official, have recourse into an investigation as to who might of been behind the alleged hacking? Naaah, don’t think about that! Think of TERFS! The group of women that is simultaneously the most and least powerful in the mind of the trans-activist. The women who are both ignored and most listened to. The women who can take down an entire political party with a couple of paragraphs! The women who bring utter devastation in a few tweets, so much so that the might Block Bot can’t contain them!! The women who send so many m2t’s literally shaking in their polyester frocks! Yes, won’t you think of the TERFS!!!?
aunty cartman
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Trans Love their Violent “Girls”

Some of you may remember the story of the “ultra violet girl sent to a female prison”    Well, as it turns out that this so called “ultra violet girl” turned out to be a male.


In November, the 16-year-old transgender girl known as Jane Doe was deemed a delinquent because of her history of violently fighting with other girls and staff at the facilities where she’d been housed since being taken into DCF custody at the age of 12. In April, after an alleged assault on a staff member, she was transferred at the request of DCF to York Correctional Institution, the adult women’s prison in Niantic.


Um, sorry ‘she’s’ not getting in fights with other girls. He’s attacking other girls.  This is erasure of male violence. This boy has attacked and blinded a guard, but of course, according to his lawyer, it was totally the guards fault! So Jane Doe has been held in solitary at a women’s prison for quite a few days. In that time trans advocates have decided to rally around Jane Doe saying that his civil rights have been violated because he’s in solitary. Hopefully for the female inmates protection. Doe’s lawyer was on Democracy Now! on Friday explaining that it’s not his fault.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: And why are they—why is the state claiming that they have so much problem being able to handle her?

AARON ROMANO: Well, you covered that a little bit here. She was in DCF supervision from the age of five and sexually abused from the age of eight through 15. So that was about seven years of sexual abuse that she suffered. While she was in a residential treatment facility, through DCF supervision, a staff member aggressively approached her, placed her in an illegal restraint. That staff member was later discharged for that illegal restraint. And she defended herself. After experiencing sexual abuse for close to seven years, a child will have a certain sensitivity to touch or approach and may interpret certain situations from a very defensive perspective. And the staff should have been well aware of that. So in response to that, DCF just wanted to pass the buck on, so to speak, to the Department of Corrections, and they wanted to just dump her on the Department of Corrections and say, “Listen, we don’t want to take care of her anymore. You take care of her.”

Perhaps putting “her” in a facility more equip to deal with male physical violence would be a better option then putting her in a female facility, with female staff,  but no, let’s not discuss that.  Interesting that a staff member was discharged for putting him in a illegal restraint. Please tell me how women are supposed to restrain a raging male? Anyway necessary that’s how.

AMY GOODMAN: In her affidavit to the court, Jane Doe details a litany of sexual abuse that took place under the Department of Children and Families supervision at the hands of relatives and the staff at DCF, starting when she was eight. She wrote, quote, “At about [age] 12 I was placed by DCF at a residential facility … in Massachusetts, where a worker … used to show the other children pornographic magazines, and on two occasions I was in his office and he had me perform oral sex on him. At about [age] 13, at Connecticut Children’s Place [a DCF facility], a staff member … took me off school grounds and took me and another transgender female to the movies and dinner. In the parking lot after dinner, the other transgender female performed oral sex on him and he drove to a more secluded place where we both performed oral sex on him. … At about age 13, at CCP, another boy who was a resident came into my room at night, placed his hand over my mouth [and then] placed my face into a pillow and anally raped me.” She goes on to detail multiple other incidents of sexual violence, including abuse she experienced while working as a sex worker, writing, quote, “I am tortured by these memories.” Chase Strangio of the ACLU, talk about what has happened to this young transgender woman, now in prison, in solitary.

Well according to Janet Mock all these experiences should be great!  How many women and girls have gone through the same fucking awful experiences as this boy and haven’t blinded anyone? I wonder.  So of course the trans community and it’s handmaidens are rallying around this dangerous kid hoping to get him into a foster home ( JFC!!!) so he can start healing. And by healing I mean getting him a tumblr account and some estrogen.

janedoe4 janedoe3 janedoe2 janedoe1

How many kids are sexually tortured are tossed into our prison system routinely? I’m guessing a lot.  Because this kid is trans he’s going to get special treatment after causing grievous bodily harm.  He’s so violent that they actually had to put him in solitary in prison. That’s fucking saying something but, he identifies as trans, so a small vocal group want him released back into the public to harm god knows how many others.  The media just eats this shit up.  Why does the trans community flock around these boys who assault women/girls? That boy who filmed himself beating up a couple of girls for alleged bullying was nominated to be a fucking marshal for the gay pride parade in San Francisco for fucks sake. But, now the charges have been dropped  showing the world that violence against women/girls is OK  as long as you have reasons.



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Gender Hurts, Hurts Feels

So Gender Hurts by Shelia Jefferys came out not to long ago and as predicted internet trans wacktavists have taken off their press ons for a mighty meltdown of key board warrioring.  Not only are they calling the book, that they haven’t read btw, THE MOST VILE PIECE OF HATE SPEECH EVER WRITTEN, they’re calling from it’s removal from Amazon.  As of the time of writing 54 negative comments have been left. I’m sure there are more now.

genderhurts 1


Basically, they’re all the same blah blah hate speech, 1 in 12 trans women are murdered, (which has been debunked), bigotry, trans misogyny bullshit…


A book…a book shouldn’t be tolerated? A book that doesn’t advocate the “eradication of trans people” but is gender critical shouldn’t be tolerated? Give me a fucking break.



No room for misogynists…unless they’re men in dresses.



I think you’re wrong. FEMinism…meaning female. Feminism is for and about women!



I thought men, male violence and homophobia was the oppressive system that killed trans women? Nah, it’s the evil women who think biological essentialism is bad who are the true murders.


A publication that they haven’t read is hate speech.


Really? I didn’t know twitter and tumblr were academic groups.




Women is not a fucking label. It’s a biological reality. It’s a label, i.e. gender, that we are oppressed with.  So when a group of men try to act like the shit that oppresses us is not oppressive then yeah, women have a problem with it.  And again, women discussing this is NOT violent bigotry. Violent bigotry is men raping and murdering women and trans men and women.



Bullshit hyperbole.


I think if Chelsea actually took the time to read beyond the Beauvoir quote One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman”  they’d see that Simone focus was on female socialization under patriarchy. She fully believed in biological sex and that gender (femininity) is a harmful construct. Derp!


No, what hurts women and young girls across the globe is the oppression of being born female. The oppression that comes along with gender. Not a book which calls out gender constructs and biological essentialism. A book never flashed me his cock in a woman’s bathroom. Just sayin.



If only S.J. hung out on tumblr more her book would be totes better.



“Trans women are hurt worse than anyone by social constructs of sex and gender”

So…they’re aborted because they’re female? They are forced into marriages as a child? They get clitorectomies? Forced pregnancy, restriction to contraception and abortion? Surgery on their faces, breasts, vaginas, asses, feet etc to be considered more feminine and there for more worthy in society?   The astronomical rates of rape and murder? Etc, Etc. Naaaaahhh, those aren’t because of social constructs of sex and gender right?



I’ve been seeing this else wear too. I guess “exclusionary” wasn’t hyperbolic enough. THEY WANT US EXTERMINATED!!!!  How did wanting women’s only safe space to unpack male entailment and misogyny become we want twanz dead? *eye roll*


What the fuck does this have to do with the book? When in doubt, personal attack!


Because men who murder trans women are reading academic lesbian feminist writings.  Let’s just ignore the fact that the vast majority of trans murders are prostitution related done by fucked up, entitled johns. But must never critique the holy “just a job” Sex Work and the blameless (entitled male) client.




Hey, I haven’t read this book but…* diarrheas  an opinion out. *  Guess what, no one in this life gets by in life without critique and writing a book critiquing harmful gender practices is not ridicule.


Because women are some how oppressing men. We are committing thought crime, ne, thought “murder”by knowing that the penis is male and trans women are trans women.  Knowing and recognizing biological differences does not make women murderers. Knowing that gender is what holds us back in our culture does not make us bigots. It’s really scary how this group of men and their handmaidens can silence anything they don’t like. And they say women have privilege. LOL!


Most honest comment yet.


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