Gender Hurts, Hurts Feels

So Gender Hurts by Shelia Jefferys came out not to long ago and as predicted internet trans wacktavists have taken off their press ons for a mighty meltdown of key board warrioring.  Not only are they calling the book, that they haven’t read btw, THE MOST VILE PIECE OF HATE SPEECH EVER WRITTEN, they’re calling from it’s removal from Amazon.  As of the time of writing 54 negative comments have been left. I’m sure there are more now.

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Basically, they’re all the same blah blah hate speech, 1 in 12 trans women are murdered, (which has been debunked), bigotry, trans misogyny bullshit…


A book…a book shouldn’t be tolerated? A book that doesn’t advocate the “eradication of trans people” but is gender critical shouldn’t be tolerated? Give me a fucking break.



No room for misogynists…unless they’re men in dresses.



I think you’re wrong. FEMinism…meaning female. Feminism is for and about women!



I thought men, male violence and homophobia was the oppressive system that killed trans women? Nah, it’s the evil women who think biological essentialism is bad who are the true murders.


A publication that they haven’t read is hate speech.


Really? I didn’t know twitter and tumblr were academic groups.




Women is not a fucking label. It’s a biological reality. It’s a label, i.e. gender, that we are oppressed with.  So when a group of men try to act like the shit that oppresses us is not oppressive then yeah, women have a problem with it.  And again, women discussing this is NOT violent bigotry. Violent bigotry is men raping and murdering women and trans men and women.



Bullshit hyperbole.


I think if Chelsea actually took the time to read beyond the Beauvoir quote One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman”  they’d see that Simone focus was on female socialization under patriarchy. She fully believed in biological sex and that gender (femininity) is a harmful construct. Derp!


No, what hurts women and young girls across the globe is the oppression of being born female. The oppression that comes along with gender. Not a book which calls out gender constructs and biological essentialism. A book never flashed me his cock in a woman’s bathroom. Just sayin.



If only S.J. hung out on tumblr more her book would be totes better.



“Trans women are hurt worse than anyone by social constructs of sex and gender”

So…they’re aborted because they’re female? They are forced into marriages as a child? They get clitorectomies? Forced pregnancy, restriction to contraception and abortion? Surgery on their faces, breasts, vaginas, asses, feet etc to be considered more feminine and there for more worthy in society?   The astronomical rates of rape and murder? Etc, Etc. Naaaaahhh, those aren’t because of social constructs of sex and gender right?



I’ve been seeing this else wear too. I guess “exclusionary” wasn’t hyperbolic enough. THEY WANT US EXTERMINATED!!!!  How did wanting women’s only safe space to unpack male entailment and misogyny become we want twanz dead? *eye roll*


What the fuck does this have to do with the book? When in doubt, personal attack!


Because men who murder trans women are reading academic lesbian feminist writings.  Let’s just ignore the fact that the vast majority of trans murders are prostitution related done by fucked up, entitled johns. But must never critique the holy “just a job” Sex Work and the blameless (entitled male) client.




Hey, I haven’t read this book but…* diarrheas  an opinion out. *  Guess what, no one in this life gets by in life without critique and writing a book critiquing harmful gender practices is not ridicule.


Because women are some how oppressing men. We are committing thought crime, ne, thought “murder”by knowing that the penis is male and trans women are trans women.  Knowing and recognizing biological differences does not make women murderers. Knowing that gender is what holds us back in our culture does not make us bigots. It’s really scary how this group of men and their handmaidens can silence anything they don’t like. And they say women have privilege. LOL!


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