Trans Love their Violent “Girls”

Some of you may remember the story of the “ultra violet girl sent to a female prison”    Well, as it turns out that this so called “ultra violet girl” turned out to be a male.


In November, the 16-year-old transgender girl known as Jane Doe was deemed a delinquent because of her history of violently fighting with other girls and staff at the facilities where she’d been housed since being taken into DCF custody at the age of 12. In April, after an alleged assault on a staff member, she was transferred at the request of DCF to York Correctional Institution, the adult women’s prison in Niantic.


Um, sorry ‘she’s’ not getting in fights with other girls. He’s attacking other girls.  This is erasure of male violence. This boy has attacked and blinded a guard, but of course, according to his lawyer, it was totally the guards fault! So Jane Doe has been held in solitary at a women’s prison for quite a few days. In that time trans advocates have decided to rally around Jane Doe saying that his civil rights have been violated because he’s in solitary. Hopefully for the female inmates protection. Doe’s lawyer was on Democracy Now! on Friday explaining that it’s not his fault.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: And why are they—why is the state claiming that they have so much problem being able to handle her?

AARON ROMANO: Well, you covered that a little bit here. She was in DCF supervision from the age of five and sexually abused from the age of eight through 15. So that was about seven years of sexual abuse that she suffered. While she was in a residential treatment facility, through DCF supervision, a staff member aggressively approached her, placed her in an illegal restraint. That staff member was later discharged for that illegal restraint. And she defended herself. After experiencing sexual abuse for close to seven years, a child will have a certain sensitivity to touch or approach and may interpret certain situations from a very defensive perspective. And the staff should have been well aware of that. So in response to that, DCF just wanted to pass the buck on, so to speak, to the Department of Corrections, and they wanted to just dump her on the Department of Corrections and say, “Listen, we don’t want to take care of her anymore. You take care of her.”

Perhaps putting “her” in a facility more equip to deal with male physical violence would be a better option then putting her in a female facility, with female staff,  but no, let’s not discuss that.  Interesting that a staff member was discharged for putting him in a illegal restraint. Please tell me how women are supposed to restrain a raging male? Anyway necessary that’s how.

AMY GOODMAN: In her affidavit to the court, Jane Doe details a litany of sexual abuse that took place under the Department of Children and Families supervision at the hands of relatives and the staff at DCF, starting when she was eight. She wrote, quote, “At about [age] 12 I was placed by DCF at a residential facility … in Massachusetts, where a worker … used to show the other children pornographic magazines, and on two occasions I was in his office and he had me perform oral sex on him. At about [age] 13, at Connecticut Children’s Place [a DCF facility], a staff member … took me off school grounds and took me and another transgender female to the movies and dinner. In the parking lot after dinner, the other transgender female performed oral sex on him and he drove to a more secluded place where we both performed oral sex on him. … At about age 13, at CCP, another boy who was a resident came into my room at night, placed his hand over my mouth [and then] placed my face into a pillow and anally raped me.” She goes on to detail multiple other incidents of sexual violence, including abuse she experienced while working as a sex worker, writing, quote, “I am tortured by these memories.” Chase Strangio of the ACLU, talk about what has happened to this young transgender woman, now in prison, in solitary.

Well according to Janet Mock all these experiences should be great!  How many women and girls have gone through the same fucking awful experiences as this boy and haven’t blinded anyone? I wonder.  So of course the trans community and it’s handmaidens are rallying around this dangerous kid hoping to get him into a foster home ( JFC!!!) so he can start healing. And by healing I mean getting him a tumblr account and some estrogen.

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How many kids are sexually tortured are tossed into our prison system routinely? I’m guessing a lot.  Because this kid is trans he’s going to get special treatment after causing grievous bodily harm.  He’s so violent that they actually had to put him in solitary in prison. That’s fucking saying something but, he identifies as trans, so a small vocal group want him released back into the public to harm god knows how many others.  The media just eats this shit up.  Why does the trans community flock around these boys who assault women/girls? That boy who filmed himself beating up a couple of girls for alleged bullying was nominated to be a fucking marshal for the gay pride parade in San Francisco for fucks sake. But, now the charges have been dropped  showing the world that violence against women/girls is OK  as long as you have reasons.



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