Transmaidens of the Patriarchy

Handmaidens, women (wbw)  who are so invested in men and male power that they do anything and everything to support it. I’ve noticed an uptick in young women who claim to be feminist now attacking other women on behalf of the Trans. They do it with the same zeal of a new convert to a religion, trying to prove themselves as the best “cis/het/genderqueer/whatever” allie ever.

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These are born women calling for other women to be beaten or killed because these women disagree with the T agenda. These girls/women are equating other women with violent men who have murdered millions. The lack of reasoning is astounding, but you don’t need reasoning when your as steeped in the patriarchy as these women.

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You see these women all over defending mens rights (dicks) to women’s only spaces, porn, prostitution etc. The patriarchy is so normalized, many don’t even realize that their actions are harmful to themselves as well as other women. These are the women men/trans hide behind. Who are sent out to attack other women and do their misogynistic dirty work. These women, most of whom claim to be feminists, would never, ever spend as much time or effort attacking men for misogynistic behavior. They put all of the hate and furor toward women who stand up against the male power dynamic. Who set boundaries against men and don’t blindly accept that being a woman is just an idea in a mans head. They attack women who know that being born women is not a privilege and they attempt to silence them for the benefit of men.



Handmaidens of the patriarchy support male power. By getting women to do patriarchy’s dirty work, the patriarchal agenda is advanced even within female-only or female-dominated spaces, such as the household and female friendships, and there is simply nowhere for girls and women to go to get away. While the role of the handmaiden obscures this truth, in reality, patriarchal mandates, all of them, regardless of who enforces them, benefit men and men only


This young woman claims she’s a genderqueer pansexual feminist (since the age of 12) but,  she actively abuses not only women online but admits to abusing women in her irl life as well.

transmaiden13 transmaiden18


This is beyond fucked up. Women/girls like this harass women, show extreme misogyny, abuse women, molest them and then get pissed and blame the women for her own inappropriateness. Hmmm…who does that sound like!?



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