Creepy Dude Loves Shocking Women With His Dick

Of course there is never a shortage of creeps, freaks and mra’s on Reddit. Recently, one m2t waxes philosophical about his love of showing off his lady wang in the dressing room, for educational purposes of course!


SynisterStarlite: BDSM, Poly, Dom, Creep



He gets a kick out of the “shock value.” No thought to why women would be shocked about seeing a( as he describes it) massive cock. A massive cock that he boasts about and posts all over reddit and the internet cause he’s a cam girl (as well as an IT dude).


Yea, his cock is there to educate. I don’t think women need to be educated on what a penis is and what it can do to them.


Since when is Ann Arbor Michigan extremely trans positive? Even if it was a trans positive place I highly doubt walking around with your dick out is what they had in mind, but hey, you’re a dude, so of fucking course you’re entitled to do that in women’s only spaces. And be sure if any woman complained about it she would be the one to be vilified.



This is interesting, he states that the policy is trans-positive so he takes that to mean dick positive and if his fee fee’s are hurt be sure to report it. Again, do you think women would be taken seriously if she felt threatened and reported seeing a dude walking around with his dick out? Nope! She would probably be asked to leave and not come back because she’s a mean awful bigot. How dare women not want to see dick while naked in a changing room!


Trans Puddy Cat


Just a cursory glance at his comment history gives pretty complete picture of the type of creep we’re dealing with…





SynisterStarlite, you do make me cringe. You make me cringe that you feel entitled to take your dick out in front of women and then act like it’s not a big deal. It makes me cringe that someone mistakes your abuse for love and it makes me cringe and how much you get off on terrorizing women.¬† For more cringing check out this video he made where he pretends to do women’s voices and likens it to Golem from Lord of the Rings.


Lemme educate you!



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