Tap your heels together three times And think to yourself, I Am a Woman.

Reading what Kylie Jack has posted on Facebook vs Twitter is absolutely fascinating.  On Facebook being a woman only takes the declaration of the magic words ” I am a woman” and that makes it so. On Facebook he passes better than those cissy’s who never had to fight to be a laydee.  He clearly conflates gender presentation, makeup, facial hair, layee cloths with what it means to actually be a woman. Interestingly enough on Twitter he frets over his appearance and how everyone who comes in contact with him knows he’s male, even calling himself male pronouns (the horror!) He admits he doesn’t pass, he isn’t a woman, yet still it’s LET ME INTO YOUR WOMAN’S ONLY SPACES I’M A LAYDEE CAUSE I SAY SO and people buy it.

What privilege it is to get offended somewhere cause someone saw you were an obvious dude, then have your “journalist” blogger friends write a smear piece to whip up a frenzy about a store they’ve never heard about in a second tier city. Then you get to act magnanimous while making demands even though you’ve done nothing to actually “transition”.  Just saying the magic words and clicking your heels together is enough!















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