Guest Post: The Violent Men


In responce to this article” Guess who’s coming to Dinner. Lesbian trans exclusion gets noticed”

“Trans women” who have committed assault against women:
“Jane Doe” from Connecticut
Joseph Patrick Bueche
Chelsea Manning
Leslie Phillips
Jane Anne Pilley

“Trans women” who have committed or attempted to commit sexual offences including child sex offences, rape and bestiality offences:
Donald Waelde
Dana McCallum
Jessica Hambrook
Paula Witherspoon
Sandy Jo Battista
Sherri Masbruch
Thomas Lee Benson
Maddison Hall (murdered a man, successfully entered a women’s prison and became notorious as a sexual predator and rapist within prison)
Nicole Louise Pearce (tortured, sexually assaulted and murdered two boys)

“Trans women” who have murdered women:
Donna Perry
Robert “Michelle” Kosilek
Lyralisa Stevens
Frances Anne Spisak (murdered men, attempted to murder a woman and another man)
Michelle Websdale (also murdered a man and attempted to murder another man, leaving him quadriplegic, and attempted to murder another woman)
Kimmie McPherson (unsure who the victim/s was/were)
Paul Denyer
Frederick Hengl

“Trans women” who have made violent threats against women, including murder and rape threats, either online or in person:
Annie Barchetta
Aeryn Fulton
Reed Barrow
Gemma Seymour

Those are just the ones that I could find with maybe an hour of Googling, and I feel confident that there are many more.

So please stop saying that “trans women do not assault other women”, and stop implying that male trans persons are not violent, because these assertions are demonstrably false.

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