Monthly Archives: December 2015


BUCKLE UP BUCKAROOS! It’s time for Privilege Denying Tranny’s PDT of the Year! Who else could it go to but the BEAUTIFUL AND BRAVE himself, BRUCE ” CAITLYN”  Gennder. Ever since Brucalyn went trans Jenner the media cannot get enough of him. Awards ceremonies, reality tv shows,  you name it and Brucey baby was there in his finery and the media told you how beautiful and fucking brave he was.  Who needs war heroes or cancer victims winning awards when you can applaud the bravery of a man in fake tits and a dress? That’s fucking bravery right there!  Congrats Cait, not only did you beat a vehicular murder rap for killing a CIS (skkkum) woman in a car wreck, but you opened so many doors for ultra rich dudes to follow in your autogyniphilic footsteps.   SO STRONG, SO BRAVE, SO BEAUTIFUL!



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