Stunning and Brave Trans Activism

Vancouver was rocked last Friday night by the STUNNING AND BRAVE activism of white queers determined to shut down the super duper oppressive Vancouver Women’s Library. These OPPRESSORS dared to not consult men, oops I mean queers, on what books would be acceptable to put in a library. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!  It’s almost like Vancouver Women’s Library care about Freedom of Speech and not censoring women authors. What a crazy idea!! There is a video of our STUNNING AND BRAVE activists here if you care to watch the cringe unfold in real time… but, for you dear audience, I decided to watch the video myself and supply you with screen caps of the cringe.


Enter the Trans!


As you can see a zero effort dude who claims to be a woman (lol) and who also claims to be a ” sex worker” (double lol) taking center stage in a room full of women.



STUNNING AND BRAVE WOMAN gets sick of listening to women speak so zie bravely attacks the poster of Scrum Manifesto behind zir.



Down it goes as fellow qwees watch on, probably totes impressed at STUNNING AND BRAVE for being so STUNNING AND BRAVE. What’s more STUNNING AND BRAVE than tearing up a poster of an actual sex worker while yelling that she “beat up trans women” which she didn’t, but Valerie Solanas did shoot Andy Warhol which is cool. Good job Val!



STUNNING AND BRAVE smirks at zies fellow qwees after such a STUNNING AND BRAVE action.



Women confront STUNNING AND BRAVE and zis fellow super radicals. A person of undefined gender lounges in the corner.



STUNNING AND BRAVE shows zirs super feminine body language being visibly assaulted by the words of women who don’t capitulate with zir. How the fuck can zie handle it? This literal violence of words!!!!!!!!


A brave activists battles through the crowd to save our poor heroine STUNNING AND BRAVE from the vicious cissies.



In the ultimate form of protest a person of indeterminate gender liberates a bottle of wine from the violent women, who are literally committing violence by calling the cops on them.



Lounging person of indeterminate gender watches from the sideline.


” Well I’m staying!” thinks brave person of indeterminate gender.


There you have it folks. Some true activism to stand up to the jack booted thugs who run the Vancouver Women’s Library. If you are interested in reading more about this I’ll add some links below. Please donate books, money, time to Vancouver Women’s Library.



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