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BUCKLE UP BUCKAROOS! It’s time for Privilege Denying Tranny’s PDT of the Year! Who else could it go to but the BEAUTIFUL AND BRAVE himself, BRUCE ” CAITLYN”  Gennder. Ever since Brucalyn went trans Jenner the media cannot get enough of him. Awards ceremonies, reality tv shows,  you name it and Brucey baby was there in his finery and the media told you how beautiful and fucking brave he was.  Who needs war heroes or cancer victims winning awards when you can applaud the bravery of a man in fake tits and a dress? That’s fucking bravery right there!  Congrats Cait, not only did you beat a vehicular murder rap for killing a CIS (skkkum) woman in a car wreck, but you opened so many doors for ultra rich dudes to follow in your autogyniphilic footsteps.   SO STRONG, SO BRAVE, SO BEAUTIFUL!



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Chelsea Manning: Master Works

Artists throughout the ages have penned pictures of great beauty. CIS BEAUTY! In honor of Bradley becoming Chelsea an artist immortalized him as the bouncy haired Breck Girl he is on the inside.


If only the great masters weren’t so TRANSPHOBIC!

bottiBradley bradleylisa Manning Gothic

Kate Mannin




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For real though…

Seriously, we’re supposed to take this shit as being a woman? As being exactly the same as being born female and experiencing girlhood? GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE.943237_568281766551056_556811437_n

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Pissing in the Wind with Sophia

Sophia is pretty much the essence of a PDT. White male claiming he’s the most oppressed person ever cause of white male trans intersectionality.

Hey Women, don’t get too uppity or self lovely or anything cause ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!!!!!


Because abortion isn’t about ME than I’m not going to care 😦



Because deceiving someone and lying in order to have sex with a person isn’t considered rape in Sophia’s world.


So, you take synthetic hormones to “become a woman” but it’s everyone else’s fault that you supposedly can’t have kids.

so14 so13

What does this mean? That you blame everyone else for your choices? And yeah, women don’t understand/experience multiple levels of oppression. Sure.  OK.

so12 so11

Women are dying because they aren’t getting the health care they need. They are being raped and forced to carry the baby. But does any of this matter to Sophia and the trans horde? Nope. Why, cause it’s not about pronouns and feels. Some serious narcissism right there.

so10 so9 so8


“If feminism is about women and doesn’t cater to my lady wang then I’m not going to support it!”

so6 so5 so2 so1 irony

OH the IRONY of the last two posts.  Sophia twitters biggest PDT.

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He’s a “Lesbian” Now. The TransGenderfication of Helicopter Pilot Bob Tur

Science pulled directly from Bob Tur’s ass

” I was born with a feminized brain.”

“The typical transgender tends to be 30 IQ points above average, they tend to be left handed, they tend to be fairly conservative, they’ve been married, have children.”

” It’s like you have this feminized brain without the right hormones and once you get them the OCD,the OCD dysmorphic feelings are gone. “

” If you go on YouTube and look up male to female transition videos you’ll be shocked at the differences. Over the next three months- my body is starting to change now, my, I think, my hands are getting- I’m starting to lose a lot of muscle mass. Your body changes to a feminine shape. Your skin changes to female skin over the course of about 120 days.”

“So the, you start thinking with white matter as opposed to men thinking with grey matter. So where I was able to make split decisions flying and being in really rough conditions, weather conditions- I don’t know if I’d be as good a pilot because now I’m using white matter and I’m becoming- that really bridges the left and right brains, and you become a consensus builder. You start being more analytical. Not as impulsive as you were when you’re a guy.”

OH HOLY FUCK! Not only does he have a laydee brain, but his skin is changing to FEMALE SKIN. This is so fucking creepy. I actually have chills reading this assholes rantings. Sexist, misogynistic fucking freak.

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