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And they say we’re paranoid

Add this to the “shit they say trans women never do” file from The Washington Post


A man — who was dressed as a woman — is accused of spying on women as they used the bathroom at a Wal-Mart store in Woodbridge.

Police in Prince William County said the incident occurred May 15 around 10:30 p.m. at the mega store at 1400 Worth Avenue. Authorities were called to investigate a report of a peeping incident.

A 53-year-old woman from Woodbridge told police that while she was using the restroom inside the Wal-Mart, an unknown man stood in front of her stall. The man tried to use a mirror to see into the stall.

When the victim confronted him, he fled the restroom. Police said no physical contact was made by the alleged peeping man.

Surveillance video shows the man dressed in sunglasses, a brown wig, pink

shirt, black Capri-style pants, black and neon green shoes and carrying a large red and black handbag.

The man is described as being between 45- and 55-years-old. He is five feet, 10 inches tall and about 220 pounds with a medium build.

Authorities are offering up to $1,000 in a cash reward for any information in the case. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Solvers at 703-670-3700.

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Colleen Perv tries to hide his creepy cupid profile

Creepster extraordinaire Colleen Brenna Francis aka FaeRaven aka Clay Scott Francis decided he didn’t want his pervy over share profile to be viewed on OK Stupid. Luckily, I took screen shots so we’ll always have female fetishists sexual peccadilloes to haunt our dreams at night.

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Doctor Okay’s Gender FOR THE LULZ!!!!

From the tumblr of the Cis Scum, blood play, murder fetishist him/herself! http://charthebutcher.tumblr.com

I’m so glad that he’s going to be welcomed into the vagina club soon…oh wait he’s not…he’s just putting pieces of wire up his penis and putting the video up on tumblr. HOW TRANGRESSIVE!!!

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