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Huffpo Defends Pedos right to Tranz

Now Cissy That Walk

Pedo tran tran Christopher James Swicegood

Oh the tragedy of it all! A man, in prison, denied his right to become a SHE by the mean old justice system. Well according to Huffington Post and pedo rights defender Christopher Zoukis, Chirstopher James Swicegood is a victim.

The American courts are not kind to the poor, and are downright hostile to at least one poor, transgender woman.

Aileta Jane Ilana, born Christopher James Swicegood, is a 24-year-old transgender inmate housed at the medium-security Federal Correctional Institution Petersburg, Virginia. Born and raised in Idaho, she now resides in a male federal prison, where she will remain for the next decade. While in prison Swicegood has received treatment for her gender dysphoria and has started the transition from a male to a female presentation.

“Ever since I can remember I felt as though I was a girl, but I lacked the financial and professional support to start my transition,” said Swicegood.

As part of her transition, she has taken the name of Aileta and has asked friends and family to address her with female pronouns. She is also in the process of seeking hormone replacement therapy and other treatments that are in line with the World Professional Association for Transgender Health Care, the prevailing standards of care for such individuals.

“The Bureau of Prisons seems virulently opposed to helping me. While I generally feel safe, health care staff act as though I’m a burden. So far, they have refused to adhere to prevailing standards of care. They would rather ignore me than help me,” explained Swicegood.

OH yes, poor trans woman. How inhuman!  Why is this poor tran tran even in prison!? Surely we must be rioting to get ZIR out of jail right now!!!

Christopher James Swicegood, 22, of Mountain Home, Idaho, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court today to Possession of Sexually Explicit Images of Prepubescent Minors, U.S. Attorney Wendy J. Olson announced.

According to the plea agreement, the investigation began in January 2013, when U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigators followed a lead provided by a foreign government concerning users of a website used extensively by persons interested in exchanging child pornography. Investigators obtained a search warrant for the home Swicegood shared with others in Mountain Home and found images and videos of prepubescent minors being sexually abused on a computer and hard drive Swicegood owned. Swicegood admitted that he had posted child pornography on the foreign website and that he had traded child pornography with other users of the foreign website.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children examined the material found on Swicegood’s media and identified 230 image files from 57 known child pornography series, and 30 videos from 14 separate child pornography series. Each series represents a different minor victim or group of minor victims being sexually abused. These victims come from a variety of states of the United States and many foreign countries.

Also according to the plea agreement, Swicegood admitted sexual interactions, including sexual touching, with at least three different minor children in the Mountain Home area. Swicegood is currently incarcerated in the Elmore County jail, awaiting trial for a charge of Lewd or Lascivious Acts on a Minor Child under the age of 16 years.

Oh… clearly it’s just another case of entrapment no doubt! Maybe he feels like a child. Should being attracted to children your own trans-age be a crime! *scoff!* hardly!!!!

Christopher James Swicegood, 22, was sentenced Monday to 15 years in federal prison on the child pornography charges. Other charges, including lewd contact with a minor under 16, were dropped as part of a plea agreement.

Swicegood was arrested in January after investigators raided his home, finding hundreds of pornographic images and videos of children as young as infants being sexually abused. The defendant also posted pornographic images of children online under the username “sxisfrkids.”

Infants… just let that sink in…and this is the type of person Zoukis thinks is someone who should be defended, who should have the right to change his name and gender? Fuck you. Fuck you, fuck you, fuuuuuuucccckkkkkk youuuuuuuu.  I’m fucking sick of seeing these perverted dudes rallied behind, having articles written about them and how injustice is being done to them, when they are predators, rapists, murders, pedos. Your priorities are severely fucked if you think that this MAN deserves anything, let alone the right to call himself she. Fuck this noise.

Christopher James Swicegood, 22, was found by HSI special agents to be a user of a foreign website used extensively by traders of child pornography. A lead from foreign law enforcement initiated the investigation in January 2013, which uncovered evidence of not only child pornography but actual sexual conduct with children, according to court records.

HSI special agents obtained a search warrant for the home Swicegood shared with others in Mountain Home. On his computer and hard drive investigators found illicit images and videos, among them 230 image files from 57 known child pornography series and 30 videos from 14 separate child pornography series. Swicegood admitted he had posted child pornography on the foreign website and that he had traded child pornography with other users of the website.

In his plea agreement, Swicegood also admitted to sexual interactions, including sexual touching, with at least three different children in the Mountain Home area. He was originally charged in Elmore County with lewd or lascivious acts on a minor under the age of 16. Those charges were dismissed by local prosecutors June 13 as a part of Swicegood’s agreement to plead guilty to the federal charge.

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When Satire and Serious becomes indistinguishable


Did you learn about lesbianism via porn? I’m betting you did!


The new breed of sjw, entitled “lesbian” dude with a persecution complex looking for ways to feel taken advantage of and picked on. Now it’s lesbians who rather have sex with plastic than his laydee wang!!! BIGOTS! NOT FAIR! APPROPRIATION!!!!!



Pussies aren’t made, they’re born.


I just sat there with a blank expression for a while after reading those tweets. Then I thought of this song. Definitely going into my Peak Trans Playlist.

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Trans activist outs himself as a pedophile rapist


This was written by someone who goes by the name Cecelia Valentin, a narcissistic sociopath pedophile trans woman who wants everyone to pity him because he’s attracted to young children and is “dating” a 15. He’s fucking disgusting.


cecelia Valentine

Destroying Cissexism In Feminist Discourse
22 hrs ·
This is Admin Cecelia, you can find my actual profile at facebook.com/transgendurr, I founded this page, I make most of the posts. If you are going to continue to read please understand this long status is going to contain some really really heavy shit, if you’re not okay with content involving child rape, pedophilia or CSA it’s best if you continue on, I’ve poured my heart into this post so maybe you’ll want to give it a chance any ways. Please understand that coming out about this in this way has been the most painful thing I have ever had to do, I am going to be completely social drained and will be withdrawing from posting further for tonight, and keep in mind it wasn’t because I wanted to. It’s better you hear it from me than someone else. Also please do not comment unless you’ve read all of this, this would be disrespectful to the amount of effort have put into this.

I’m gonna level with you guys, I am going to talk to you about something no feminist ever dares to talk about. To start, I want you to know I was a victim of childhood sexual abuse, I endured a year of sexual abuse at the hands of an adult when I was 11. Following this abuse and as I grew older I realized that in some part my attractions were not growing with me. Whether this has something to do with my nature, or my experiences, yes, I was capable of being attracted to children. Before you reel in disgust, before you slew insults at me and equate me with a rapist, before you get out of your armchair to stand on your moral high horse and judge me I want you to give me a chance to explain something to you, drag up some empathy for an abuse victim, sit down and let me tell you my story, one you will never hear about people like me.

Imagine, if you will, that you had these attractions, and it was apparent to you ever since you reached puberty that these attractions were there, try to think of it as just your standard attraction to a type of body / person. Think of what it would be like if you felt these attractions in a world where medicine has pathologized you as being inherently doomed to act out and abuse a child, where people use terms like pedophile and sex offender completely interchangeably without distinction, in a world where people openly call for the assault, murder, imprisonment and castration of people who feel like you do. Imagine what this kind of culture, this kind of environment did to my young mind, imagine what it might’ve done to yours if you were in my place.

Think about how you might react to such a situation, I’m sure you can imagine that I internalized all of these extremely aggressive, violent and negative sentiments, how much I hated myself, how alone, lost, scared and vulnerable I felt. I’ll tell you how I reacted to this situation, I will tell you the story of how I got here. Firstly I was surrounded by people (everyone) who told me that being attracted to kids makes you a pedophile and that pedophiles are the worst thing you can be, that all of them are terrible people who act and deserve only the worst of treatment, which caused me to desperately hate myself, and become in conflict with my idea of myself as a good person. I was told victims of violence become abusers themselves, I believed it, I blamed myself and was re-victimized by what I went through.

There came a time when I told loved ones, or at least hinted to them, that I felt this way. I’ll tell you one thing, they were not having that. As you may or may not be able to imagine loving faces changed to hateful and disappointed faces, I was told to never talk about it again, that it was just a phase and received punishment via emotional and physical abuse (spanks) for it. This made me close my heart, retreat within, feel isolated and alone and without support unable to deal with my feelings. I felt nobody in the entire world understood me and would love me for who I am. All of this at age fucking 13. Basically a kid myself, already wrestling with this shit.

Fast-forward to my mid teen years, nothing is changing about my situation so far as support, solidarity or help was concerned. I find I am capable of being attracted to any age really but these feelings of attraction to children are still some significant part of my orientation. I won’t go into the details because I understand how they can be upsetting but as an out I took up drawing so I could draw the the things I was fantasizing about. My parents found the drawings stuffed behind my bed frame. Mostly of myself as a child being touched, but they didn’t know this. I cried, I apologized, I hated myself, and it goes without saying I endured physical and emotional abuse and was basically abused into pretending these feelings did not exist.

Through-out my teen years I struggled deeply to understand myself and my place in the world, I felt like a monster, I felt doomed to hurt everyone in my life, I admit that there came points where I felt like I would lose control and hurt someone, but now that I am older I realize none of this was true or had to do with me, it had to do with what people told me to believe about people with these attractions. I didn’t realize then that I am better than that.

Eventually I figured out that I was transgender woman, my parents had their own opinions and emotionally and physically abused me for most of my teenage years until they finally gave in (I say that loosely, they still aren’t anywhere near good enough). By the end of it I had spiralled into the deepest darkest depression I have ever experienced before. It was in this time of absolute numbness, forgetting what it was like to feel for 2 years, I was convinced that if I didn’t kill myself I would hurt someone. I tried to off myself, I failed, I told people it was because of my trans issues but honestly it was mostly because I felt I was losing my humanity and this didn’t bode well for someone like me. I voluntarily checked myself into an adolescent mental health ward in order to avoid any incriminating things on my medical file (suicidal people can have trouble getting jobs later and etc. which is fucking ridiculous)

During my time here I was subject to a mandatory cis white male therapist with no conception of transgenderism and no respect for me. I didn’t care any more at this point, I was hoping he could help me, so I opened up and I let him know exactly how I felt. He thought briefly about it while I stayed in one of the ward rooms living out my life, and then came back and talked with me and my parents. He told me that I might be able to use my attractions to get myself on estrogen quicker (treatments for “pedophiles with penises is estrogen, which is fucking sexist honestly, testosterone = rapist? fuck) I saw any opportunity to get on hormone treatments quicker as a plus and all I wanted at this point was some respite from this eternal numbness and sadness.

I got out with some anti-depressants, I booked an appointment at one of the most hated medical institutes for transgender medicine CAMH (I didn’t know this at the time but they are super gatekeepers) and I told them about my attractions and how I hear you can get on estrogen faster if I had them. They then called me back leading me to believe I was going to an appointment regarding my transistion. They isolated me from my parents and used further tactics to keep my parents from being involved (so they won’t advise me to how inadvisable this was) so they could take advantage of me and have me in a vulnerable position, and in this appointment they heavily questioned me about these attractions. I was 100% honest about everything, thought it would work well in my favor, I told them about how how I channel my attractions into age play with a partner of mine, about how I’ve never touched anyone under 18, that I had experienced attraction to some kids I knew (as if this should be a surprise for someone in my position.) Apparently that last part set off some red flags in their ethics committee and Children’s Aid was called on my family.

A worker came into my home, talked about my attractions with me, I assured her I’m a moral upstanding person who would never do anything like that. My parents were passive aggressively steaming at me the entire time, so angry that I had told anyone, that I had even tried to get help. The worker asked my little brother if I had ever done anything to him, he had no idea what they were talking about because I had never and would never do such a thing to him. She left with no evidence of abuse having occurred but either way this put my parents on a no-adopt list as long as I live in their house, and it ended up outing me to my brother and basically my entire family (because my parents apparently couldn’t keep this shit to themselves because it was too “stressful”). Now pretty much everyone in my family vaguely thinks I’m a fucking rapist, and hates me, I am further isolated, cut off from support, solidarity, human connection.

By this point I am so ridden with anxiety and depression I start to develop mental disorders and become an overall entire wreck of a human being. I spend every day of my life in the dark, in my room, doing nothing but burying myself into vices like gaming. Not once through this whole ordeal am I treated like a human being, like a moral person, like a person with a heart, a soul, a opportunity for greatness, I am treated as if I am not deserving of understanding and support, not ONE GODDAMN MOTHER FUCKING PERSON cared about me, and made me feel like I was worth a chance. Does anyone here want to tell me that any of this is the appropriate response to a child feeling these attractions? That what I went through, and apparently many people like me are going through is actually helping them or victims of child sexual abuse?

I wasn’t even an adult at this point, I was just a fucking kid, and even as I aged into adulthood I did not feel like an adult. I continued to feel like that lonely, guilty, sad little girl who was used as a sexual object and left to cry on her bed. I continued to feel desperately suicidal and often times I accepted that it was over and something would just take me over do whatever it can to kill me dead.

Two things helped save me from this torture, first was finding a online group of pedophiles with experiences like mine and morals like mine who I could find solace in. But my heart truly began mending itself when I fell in love with a beautiful feminist who convinced me of it’s wonderfulness and led me to see the world in a new light, social power dynamics, these made sense of everything and gave me a purpose in pursuing anti-CSA activism and understanding consent politics. I have accepted who I am, I am open about it to those I feel comfortable too, I feel better because I understand who I am now and what my purpose is. Many have abused this trust I have put in them, I will talk about this later. the same culture which I believe enables childhood sexual abuse to take place. And more generally,to get a conversation started about these things so that not one more person has to go through what I did, as an abuse victim and as an isolated (what I would call) sexual minority.

Do you still feel like condemning me? I feel like telling you to get the fuck off my page, honestly what the hell is wrong with you that you could read this heartwrenching honest story and have anything negative to say about me? It’s people like you, unable to see this issue in any other light, that made me go through what I did, it’s people like you that contribute to the silence culture about this issue and the incurred child abuse culture that spawns from it. I am damn lucky to be here, talking to you about this, having not done something I regret, because it was my destiny as someone born into this culture to be battered and beaten into believing I was a monster and quite frankly who could’ve blamed me if that’s what I did become?

I currently still see no solace in feminism for my kind, I still see no support, solidarity, understanding, empathy, humanity or acknowledgement for pedophiles in feminism. I still feel isolated, hated, alone, useless, worthless, a burden to everyone around me because of what I went through, 90% of the feminist I meet only make these feelings worse. All I see is condemnation for my kind, and therefore of me, as inherently evil people who do not deserve a basic effort by ourselves to understand them, to build support structures for them. to address as human beings who might need help managing their lives. I want that to change. This is pretty fucking obvious right? Like something that shouldn’t even need to be said.

What has happened to me at the hands of feminists?

1. Some pretended to be caring considerete people interested in my experiences and in that way essentially baited me out into explaining my attractions and experiences to them, screenshotted my admissions or whatever, and are now spreading these around to smear my name. Tons of people have one eighth of a story about me and from this are condemning me over it within their circles. They are encouraging people to unfriend me and kick me out of their groups, it is quickly spreading that I am bad news.

2. Some people upon finding out a relationship I’m involved in has a legally wonky age gap (I am 22 and they are 15) decide that I am literally a rapist and xe is literally a victim and that’s the end of it. None of these feminists have seemed interested in anything actually relevant to our relationship dynamics, interested in hearing my partners opinions on our relationship, and in this they completely miss some key points in their condemnation. For one we are both non-binary agender people, same power balance. I am essentially nobody to xir and never have been, I have literally no authority over xir life. It is legal to date a teen if the parents consent where I live, I am friends with xir mother.

Not that this matters because to leftist activists like ourselves relationships shouldn’t purely be defined by their legality, everyone should have an opportunity to be seen individuals with their own story and we are being denied this opportunity every time we are so harshly condemned. Yes, we ,not only I am affected by these condemnations, by saying xir girlfriend doesn’t belong in this or that space you are saying that xe also does not belong in that space either, because xe loves me and doesn’t feel safe in spaces which assign xir victimhood status.

We’ve had threats by feminists of reporting our relationship to authorities, condemning us to being violently torn apart by the state against my partners wishes and condemning xir specifically to the loss of xir love, the denial of xir bodily autonomy, a denial of xir right to self determine xir victim status, and condemning me specifically to potentially prison (which as you know is a death sentence for trans women), most likely a life on a list next to people who have actually committed rape and a hopeless financial career (as if I ever had one in the first place) and also a life without the one I love. Is it just me or is such a condemnation over a simple disagreeal with our relationship RIDICULOUS and disrespectful towards the one they claim to be trying to protect?!

Decide how you feel about me now that you actually know the state of things for me, who I actually am, and not by some vague cherrypicked screenshot of me opening my heart to someone you may or may not know. If you’re going to condemn me do it with the full story, okay? Now can we please have a meaningful fucking conversation about this issue instead of the shit we have now, can feminism embrace people like me and find a place for us to learn and grow and shine? I fucking hope so. Be the change, for god sakes ,please.

 This MAN should be in jail. This fucking child rapists want FEMINISM to pity him and work with him to make him feel ok about his perversions. Fuck that. This makes me want to vomit and I hope that the poor girl he groomed and is raping, gets away from this horrible fucking pig.


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Homophobic Cotten Celining Propaganda

f2t fantasyland

 Ew, god the happy trail.

EW, EWWW WTF, Why is the F2T wearing a glove and looks like Wolverine? More Trans fantasy art. Remember the picture of Jane Doe…

Portrait of "Jane Doe" created by gender activists

100% Guaranteed not to look like this.

SO…Top five reasons to fuck a woman (er) “trans man”

1. Trans guys are HOT!!



2. Their plastic dicks never go soft!!  Dudes always use this line of logic on lesbians (cause lesbian sex has to have penetration or else why bother right! ugh) Now the tables have turned! Dudes, don’t you want this? It’s just like a real cock right? Don’t say no or else you’re a trans phobic bigot piece of shit.

Trans Penis

100% legit penis. If you say it’s not then you’re a transphobic shitlord.

3. Three HOLES are better than two…

Yep, a vagina is just a hole. JUST ANOTHER HOLE GUYS. Nothing more than a HOLE.



4. Small hands make for small fists…

This is too big

This is too big

Why would you need a fist when you could buy any sort of plastic cock you want?

5. Curiosity Killed the Cat, Satisfaction Brought it Back.

28663707What the fuck? How many brain storming meetings did it take to come up with that one? Alternative would be, TRANS MEN MAKE U CUM GOOD.

SO, Gay dudes, you convinced yet? It’s just another hole you transphobic piece of shit!

Also, the Asian Pacific Islander Wellness Center had a hand in making this homophobic propaganda.  They got priorities!

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Johanna Wolf : “as I see it, I was the one who was raped”



Johanna Wolf aka Jonathan Wolf aka Johanna Von Luck explains, how it wasn’t the fact that he raped someone, he was falsely accused! Blue for the most important bits of conversation.

[8:19pm] JohannaVonLuck: because it happened to me
[8:19pm] agnosticnixie: anecdata doesn’t count
[8:19pm] agnosticnixie: what happened, I want the whole story
[8:20pm] agnosticnixie: nevermind
[8:20pm] agnosticnixie: whatever
[8:20pm] agnosticnixie: I don’t give a shit
[8:20pm] JohannaVonLuck: …
[8:20pm] JohannaVonLuck: you okay?
[8:20pm] JohannaVonLuck: I didn’t mean to get you going
[8:20pm] agnosticnixie: no, you’re using a personal occurence to act like a fucking tool
[8:21pm] JohannaVonLuck: calm down
[8:21pm] JohannaVonLuck: I was also in Bible Belt nebraska at the time
[8:21pm] agnosticnixie: what does that change
[8:21pm] JohannaVonLuck: I have another girl friend who did get raped and reported it and couldn’t prove it and lost her case
[8:21pm] JohannaVonLuck: but that wasn’t in a bible belt town
[8:22pm] JohannaVonLuck: well… lots really
[8:22pm] JohannaVonLuck: Have you ever visited bible belt nebraska?
[8:22pm] JohannaVonLuck: You have no idea of the insane you’re up against
[8:22pm] agnosticnixie: I’ve never been to nebraska except as a fly over to CO
[8:23pm] JohannaVonLuck: religion is so fundamental down there it’s rediculous
[8:23pm] JohannaVonLuck: and
[8:23pm] JohannaVonLuck: I am an atheist
[8:23pm] JohannaVonLuck: juries don’t like that
[8:23pm] JohannaVonLuck: that’s strike 1
[8:23pm] JohannaVonLuck: second, she was hearing impaired (but not ugly)
[8:23pm] JohannaVonLuck: but that is a “disability”
[8:23pm] JohannaVonLuck: and the “disabled” would never lie
[8:23pm] JohannaVonLuck: strike 2
[8:24pm] agnosticnixie: you do realize you’re not helping your case with
[8:24pm] JohannaVonLuck: and finally, she was lilly dressed in white good christian girl
[8:24pm] JohannaVonLuck: strike 3
[8:24pm] agnosticnixie: JohannaVonLuck: second, she was hearing impaired (but not ugly)
[8:24pm] JohannaVonLuck: it was a no-win situation for me
[8:24pm] agnosticnixie: jfyi I’m deaf
[8:24pm] JohannaVonLuck: well I’m just saying
[8:24pm] JohannaVonLuck: she was cute
[8:24pm] JohannaVonLuck: but hearing impaired
[8:25pm] JohannaVonLuck: so she was instantly in the “different” / “protected” / “special rights” category
[8:25pm] JohannaVonLuck: so despite that I took her out to eat after we fooled around
[8:25pm] JohannaVonLuck: so despite that I took her home without incident
[8:26pm] JohannaVonLuck: so despite that she changed her story multiple times _after_ everything was over and dealt with
[8:26pm] JohannaVonLuck: yeah
[8:26pm] JohannaVonLuck: there are some women who use rape as a weapon
[8:26pm] JohannaVonLuck: it does happen
[8:26pm] JohannaVonLuck: and it’s sad
[8:26pm] JohannaVonLuck: and there are some women who are actually raped and can’t prove it and lose out
[8:26pm] JohannaVonLuck: that is also sad
[8:26pm] JohannaVonLuck: but it depends entirely on where its at
[8:26pm] JohannaVonLuck: what kind of jury one would get
[8:26pm] JohannaVonLuck: it’s not a straight shot
[8:27pm] JohannaVonLuck: and it sucks
[8:27pm] JohannaVonLuck: like “make you want to kill yourself” suck
[8:27pm] JohannaVonLuck: so, sorry if I struck a nerve
[8:27pm] JohannaVonLuck: wasn’t out to offend you
[8:28pm] JohannaVonLuck: but, shit happens
[8:28pm] agnosticnixie: except it’s not remotely near common or close to a majority
[8:28pm] agnosticnixie: it’s a fucking rounding error
[8:28pm] agnosticnixie: sorry
[8:28pm] agnosticnixie: it’s probably a bad terrible situation
[8:28pm] agnosticnixie: but going all MRA because it happened to you once is complete shit
[8:29pm] JohannaVonLuck: once is all it takes to destroy a life
[8:30pm] JohannaVonLuck: as I see it, I was the one who was raped
[8:30pm] agnosticnixie: most rape survivors don’t even get once
[8:30pm] JohannaVonLuck: but I don’t get to afford myself the luxury of being able to bottle it in and not tell anybody about it
[8:31pm] JohannaVonLuck: I would have rather been homosexually gang raped than have had to had gone through that shit
[8:31pm] JohannaVonLuck: that’s how bad it was
[8:31pm] agnosticnixie: fuck you
[8:31pm] agnosticnixie: I’m done
[8:32pm] JohannaVonLuck: you can be mad all you want, a woman can easily accuse somebody of a sexual offense and, even without much evidence, can practically ruin the person’s life
[8:32pm] JohannaVonLuck: it’s not hard
[8:32pm] agnosticnixie: yes it is
[8:32pm] agnosticnixie: you have no idea
[8:33pm] JohannaVonLuck: no, it’s not hard – it’s a phone call to the sherrif’s office
[8:33pm] agnosticnixie: it’s more than that
[8:33pm] agnosticnixie: I’m done, quit pming me
[8:33pm] JohannaVonLuck: all you have to do to satisfy the preponderance of evidence – which is all it takes to get an arrest warrant – is say that there was ANY sexual activity
[8:33pm] agnosticnixie: what happened to you was horrible
[8:33pm] JohannaVonLuck: after that, you are arrested
[8:33pm] agnosticnixie: but you have no fucking idea what it’s like to have been raped
[8:33pm] agnosticnixie: fuck off
[8:33pm] JohannaVonLuck: have to post bail – that’s 2500$
[8:33pm] JohannaVonLuck: and hire a lawyer
[8:34pm] JohannaVonLuck: 15,000$ retainer
[8:34pm] JohannaVonLuck: I’m not saying I do
[8:34pm] agnosticnixie: I STILL FEEL HIS HANDS ON MY BREASTS
[8:34pm] JohannaVonLuck: I’m saying I have an idea of what it’s like to have been accused of it
[8:35pm] JohannaVonLuck: *sigh* well what can I do? Apologize for the actions of somebody I don’t know?
[8:35pm] JohannaVonLuck: I never said rape isn’t a horrible experience, I am saying being accused of it is a 25,000$ drain
[8:35pm] JohannaVonLuck: guilty or not
[8:35pm] agnosticnixie: look it’s horrible, it’s bad
[8:35pm] agnosticnixie: but it’s like
[8:35pm] agnosticnixie: it’s fucking money
[8:36pm] JohannaVonLuck: 25k$ is a LOT of fucking money
[8:36pm] agnosticnixie: I broke down in the middle of lectures, I’m broken goods
[8:36pm] agnosticnixie: I know that
[8:36pm] agnosticnixie: I’M a student
[8:36pm] JohannaVonLuck: and if I didn’t have parents to have that – I would be fucked
[8:36pm] agnosticnixie: it let me discover new heights of anxiety
[8:36pm] JohannaVonLuck: because public defenders aren’t good – they stop giving a shit after a while of trying to help
[8:36pm] JohannaVonLuck: You’re not broken goods
[8:36pm] JohannaVonLuck: that’s bullshit
[8:36pm] JohannaVonLuck: I talked to a girl the other day who said she had been raped
[8:36pm] JohannaVonLuck: I did not, at any time, think less of her
[8:37pm] JohannaVonLuck: I was sad and angry with her
[8:37pm] JohannaVonLuck: (I would totally still like to get her in bed, but that’s a different story)
[8:37pm] JohannaVonLuck: look
[8:37pm] JohannaVonLuck: I’m sorry that happened to you
[8:37pm] JohannaVonLuck: I don’t know what I can say
[8:37pm] agnosticnixie: just please stop
[8:38pm] agnosticnixie: I’m sorry
[8:38pm] JohannaVonLuck: I’m sorry for getting you upset
[8:39pm] JohannaVonLuck: Anybody who uses the law in such a perverted way, as they did to me, makes it even worse for people like you, to find any justice at all

mug shots of Johanna before he started transitioning

mug shots of Johanna before he started transitioning

WOW! These are the words of a convicted rapist who, not only thinks of himself as the victim, but as a woman as well. He gives no shits what the person he’s talking to is saying. It’s all about him and his web of lies. Lying to himself that the reason he was convicted was because he’s an atheist and they’re in a Bible Belt state and because she was cute and deaf there for had special rights.  Did you choose to rape a deaf girl because you thought she wouldn’t be able to tell anyone you miserable piece of shit? Looks like Daddy’s money was able to keep him out of jail ( a place he sorely needs to be). Now he’s gallivanting a crossed the US getting lucrative IT jobs  and pretending to be a woman so none of his rapist past follows him. I’m sure he’s spreading his mra bullshit pretending that he’s the victim wherever he goes and people just gulp it up cause he’s a trans there for the most VICTIMIZED AND OPPRESSED PERSON EVER.



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Tap your heels together three times And think to yourself, I Am a Woman.

Reading what Kylie Jack has posted on Facebook vs Twitter is absolutely fascinating.  On Facebook being a woman only takes the declaration of the magic words ” I am a woman” and that makes it so. On Facebook he passes better than those cissy’s who never had to fight to be a laydee.  He clearly conflates gender presentation, makeup, facial hair, layee cloths with what it means to actually be a woman. Interestingly enough on Twitter he frets over his appearance and how everyone who comes in contact with him knows he’s male, even calling himself male pronouns (the horror!) He admits he doesn’t pass, he isn’t a woman, yet still it’s LET ME INTO YOUR WOMAN’S ONLY SPACES I’M A LAYDEE CAUSE I SAY SO and people buy it.

What privilege it is to get offended somewhere cause someone saw you were an obvious dude, then have your “journalist” blogger friends write a smear piece to whip up a frenzy about a store they’ve never heard about in a second tier city. Then you get to act magnanimous while making demands even though you’ve done nothing to actually “transition”.  Just saying the magic words and clicking your heels together is enough!















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Don’t you DARE upset the man in the Bra shop!!!!!!

Gee, why would any woman have a problem with this *cough* lovely lady *cough* in their dressing room…


Much Sad, Very Cry

The internet is predictably loosing it’s shit over allegations that M2T Kylie Jack was denied his god given rights to enter women’s only space in a Texas lingerie store a few days ago.


The owner of Petticoat Fair took to facebook in order to apologize for any hurt feels (of course this wasn’t enough and created a shit storm of it’s own)





Oh wow, a nuanced response based in female reality from an owner on why they asked Kylie to step into another area to live out his girlhood fantasies.

The dressing room area is a particularly private and vulnerable place for many women and girls, so it’s a protected area. For that reason, we also have a completely separate dressing area for women who have undergone mastectomies and need post-surgical care. (Our fitter invited Kylie and companion into this part of our store so they could have this delicate conversation privately.) Just as a gym won’t allow men in a women’s dressing room (and vice versa) for the comfort and safety of its patrons, we don’t allow men or boys above a certain age in our dressing area. Despite our otherwise inclusive approach, those who might be or who outwardly appear to be men (regardless of how they are dressed) pose a delicate challenge, and in the case of imposters, can pose a safety risk to the Petticoat Fair staff.

If it’s unclear whether a customer is a man or a woman, we err on the side of caution as a protocol, but never on the side of discrimination or intolerance.


God, how dare the staff err on the side of caution when a mans feelings are at stake!!!! And ZOMG how dare you imply this isn’t a bootiful laaaydeee!


Predictably, trans staff writer over at Jizzabell picked up on the story and had this to say…

Oh. No. Dressing rooms are vulnerable places, sure. For women and girls, sure. Trans women and trans girls are, well, gee, women and girls. This is getting worse and not seeming very apology-like. The idea that men or boys above a certain age are not allowed into these dressing rooms is absolutely irrelevant. Kylie Jack and her girlfriend are both women. So the policy against men and boys shouldn’t need to be trotted out. Likewise, the fact that Andrews even felt the need to bring it up is implicitly suggesting that trans women aren’t women. This appears to be confirmed with the last sentence, where Andrews mentions that those who do not match up to whatever the staff’s idea of “woman” looks like is a “delicate situation” and could be an “imposter.” This is the same idea trotted out every time we try to discuss bathroom usage, and it’s false.

NO, it’s not FALSE. I’m so bloody sick of men saying that women’s concerns about their safety are false. Especially when women are attacked time and  time again. But let’s just ignore that. Male feelings are involved and that’s the most important thing!!!




laydee7 laydee6 laydee5 laydee4 laydee3 laydee2


Here is Kylie’s response, which includes a list of demands, to Petticoat Fair…


How ominous he includes the Transgender Law Center thing at the end. No doubt this guy has been dying to sue someone. These guys feel so entitled and see it as an easy way to get money for plastic surgery.

Basically men should be allowed wherever they want, whenever they want regardless if the staff feels that they may be there under false pretenses, just, in the off chance, that they might hurt someone’s feelings. This is how fucking delusional the trans community it. They demand 100% capitulation or lawsuit!


I think this post from Kylie earlier in the month is very telling about his mentality…




Of course society is going to see you as anything BUT a woman…because you’re not a woman.



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A True LGBT Positive Role Model

What more is there to say about Sarah Brown? I’ll just let him speak for himself…



Aunty29just lol auntyaunty lesbian1auntysawomanlolauntysballsaunty fake lesbianAunty32Aunty30

Who better to be a positive role model than an openly misogynistic, lesbian appropriating male who spews out violent rhetoric, telling women to suck his nuts. But this isn’t misogyny right? This isn’t deep–seated hatred of women cause he says he’s one. And you know just saying you’re a woman magically makes it so! Actually he is the perfect role model for male entitlement and privilege. Just look at him pretend to be a victim while attacking women who stood up to his vile misogyny. He keeps pretending that everyone should just forget what he wrote 5 years ago because “it’s the past.” Well why doesn’t he forget what Julie Bindel wrote 5 years ago? That’s in the past too right? Why are trans activists hounding women who have performed at Mich Fest in the past and demanding them to apologize for it? Why are feminists, like Gloria Steinem, being forced to apologize for shit they’ve said in the past? (and I’m talking about shit they’ve said in the 70’s) There is no statue of limitations when it comes to women and apologies. Women will always be demanded and expected to apologize for every infraction or misdeed, not matter how long the event occurred.  Trans activists, such as Brown, excuse themselves  from their vile misogyny by blaming others pretending that the passage of time is so great that  their misogyny doesn’t matter anymore or that they are the true victim of some perceived slight, there for justified in their actions.

aunty entitled

aunty empathy aunty evil aunty5andahalf aunty priv

That’s the most honest thing he’s ever wrote. Yes, it is privilege.  It’s his white male privilege that allowed him to think writing this was acceptable.

Now, there is a point to all of this, and that’s that there is no word in the English language, that I am aware of, for the smegma-like mixture of dead skin cells, gynaecological lube, stale urine (gives it its distinctive smell) and sweat that is sometimes present as a white residue on the end of a dilation stent when a post-operative trans woman withdraws the stent after dilating her neovagina.

I propose rectifying this linguistic oversight. I propose naming this mixture, “bindel”.

It’s his continued privilege and entitlement to excuse himself by saying ” That was 5 or  5.5 or 6, years ago!” Notice he never actually apologizes, even though he demands constant apologies from everyone else. It’s privilege that allows him to continue to harass Bindel after all this time, but still play the victim. On his livejournal alone ( which he still updates with his new blogs) she has been referenced nearly 300 times.



It’s privilege that allows him to tweet at women (many of whom are real lesbians and/or victims of sexual abuse)  to “suck his balls” and that they are “cock obsessed” because they know that a penis is male and it can harm and impregnate them against their will.  It’s privilege that he has never grown up with the constant fear of rape. It’s privilege that he openly mocks our fear of being raped by men. It’s privilege that he’s appropriated the term lesbian. It’s privilege that he’s allowed to refer to a surgically created hole as a “vagina.” It’s privilege that he can be openly hostile to women and still be a politician. It’s privilege that no one will call this out for fear of being called a “transphobe”, “transmisoginistic” or “cis sexist.”  All of this is real, palpable privilege that these men have over the so called “privileged cis woman.” It’s privilege that allows him to turn any critique of his behavior and turn it into ” they just want to fuck me.” It’s also privielge that will allow him to scoff at this and cry victimhood or gas-lighting or some such bullshit. Oh Sarah Brown…you may have had your dick removed, but you’re still one at heart.

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