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TransDykes: The Anti-Lesbian Antifa

Men silencing women and being absolutely gleeful about it. Cool that their community has coalelsced around misogyny like pretty much all male communities do. #womenwakeup


Jeremiah “Mya” Byrne. “TransDyke” Antifa at San Francisco Gay Pride 2017.

What is Antifa?

Well, the name Antifa is a bit of a misnomer. Antifa is short for “Anti-Fascist”, which is what the members of this subculture claim to be. Their stated objective is to fight totalitarianism, authoritarianism, and the forceful suppression of diversity and dissent.

In practice, Antifa is a group of people, mainly middle-class young white men, who show up to violently attack groups of right wingers, Trumpers, leftist free speech advocates, or anyone else they’ve decided must be silenced by intimidation and violent force. Some of them claim to be Communists, but they don’t do anything to organize support for labor or poor people.

What they do is show up for internet-organized flash mobs, all dressed in uniform black (“Black Bloc”) so they can’t be individually identified for their criminal actions, covering their faces with bandanas, armed…

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Hateful Male “Trans Social Worker” wants you to STFU and suck his lesbian peen!

I am not a man.

I am a woman and your essentialism oppresses women.

My male-priviledge is not showing. Why?

Because I don’t fucking experience any.

Your cis-privilege however is showing.

My women partners aren’t straight for being with me.

Don’t fucking erase their identities either.

You don’t know what’s between my legs.

Don’t fucking make assumptions that you do, and about what that says about my identity.

Consensually having sex with me doesn’t equal sexual assault.

And despite what you think discussions of Consent ARE important, coming from a survivor.

You make the false assumption that I would even want to fuck you.

Sorry being a giant fucking hateful bigot turns me off, and frankly I’m way too fucking hot for you.

I’m not a lesbo-phobe, I AM A FUCKING DYKE! Whether you like it or not.

I do more in a fucking week for the rights and safety of queer women then you do in a year. You give dyke a bad name.

You don’t know me, my experience or how much fucking sexier I am then any of you.

But, I know you, you’re a sad pathetic cis scum bigot who will never have a name for yourself or be remembered. Fuck off and crawl back to the gutter you came out of scum.

[In response to being trolled by transmisogynistic cis scum lesbians for the organizing of No More Apologies Ottawa/ Pas Plus d’Excuses Ottawa. Also thank you to all the allies, in particular queer cis women who have stood up to support against these attacks.]

OMG YOU EVERYONE! HE DOESN’T EXPERIENCE ANY MALE PRIVILEGE…how fucking privileged of you to say so! Also, he’s a dyke cause he says so! And many other things cause HE SAYS SO!!! Just check out his twitter!

Twitter: @JadePichette

Blogger: Queersition

YouTube: DeliriumFae

“A queer trans-feminine social worker with interests in anti-oppression, heathenry and kitties.”

#CanQueer social worker heathen who works @PTSOttawa and who tweets about #trans#queer and #Canadian politics.

Ottawa, Canada · http://jadepichette.tumblr.com/         

Very disturbing that so many violent trans bigots are working in social or mental health clinics in Canada. First we have Xander Sarkisova at the Toronto Sherbourne Health Center and this dude in Ottawa? They really need a better vetting process when it comes hiring.  Who would hire someone who writes rants like “radical feminist/Cis lesbians” as ” sad pathetic cis scum bigot who will never have a name for yourself or be remembered. Fuck off and crawl back to the gutter you came out of scum…cis scum lesbians” to council anyone? Clearly this person is in need of the services offered by the clinic. For all his claims of bigotry he sure doesn’t hold back his hatred of genuine females/lesbians.

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