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Hey Obama, I know you’re giving a speech right now, but listen to me!!!


During a LGBTQ Pride speech in the East Wing on Wednesday, President Obama was interrupted by a trans activist.  Jennicet Gutiérrez, who was brought as a plus one of an invited guest,  began to shout down the president because he felt entitled enough to interrupt and air his issues in a completely inappropriate manner. Gutiérrez was escorted out after two whole minutes of shouting. Of course the press swarmed him giving him giving him a platform to share his selfies.


Jennicet Gutiérrez made international headlines when her voice rang out in an attempt to talk over President Obama at an LGBT pride month reception at the White House on Wednesday.

But when she spoke to PEOPLE, there were no interruptions, only polite, soft-spoken responses – which is not to say she didn’t stand her ground.

In fact, Gutiérrez has no regrets about raising her voice in the name of her “trans sisters,” many of whom are now hailing her as a hero for their cause.

“I believe I was not disrespectful in any sense,” she tells PEOPLE. “I believe I did the right thing by speaking up. To me, more disrespectful is the fact that we don’t want to acknowledge the violence that we’re facing and the mistreatment that many members of my community are facing.”

I’m sure that soft spoken voice was a raspy falsetto but, whateves.

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