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Call to Queers: Sex offenders aren’t bad!

Give me a god damn break Huffington Post…

Although I studied many subjects in college, my interest especially aligned with the radical thinking of my queer theories coursework. Queer theory obliterates the idea of good and bad sex and what should and should not be deemed deviant. As such, my courses covered gay history, the timeline of the gay rights movements, queer theory, and the burgeoning transgender studies, as well as genderqueers, kink, sexual fluidity, and asexuality.

But there was a strange silence in these class discussions as well. As my education continued, I began thinking about other people who transgressed cultural norms of sexuality, other people whose sexual desires had been labeled deviant — people who even queer theory courses weren’t talking about. There might be no group more maligned, marginalized, and disconcerting as modern-day America’s “sex offenders.”

In treatment, lawmaking, and cultural discourse, sex offenders are referred to as participating in deviant sexual behavior, having deviant sexual fantasies, and being inherently “deviant” themselves. From one angle, this is true; all sex offenders have deviated from the boundaries of one or more laws regarding sex or the body.

But sociologist Joel Best describes the problematic nature of how the term “deviance” is used in our culture. In his book Deviance, he emphasizes that “a deviant label was simply a sign that some groups with power had singled out some acts or conditions for disapproval.” The term means that, according to the rules of a powerful few, something is inherently wrong with you if you are not like everybody else. In other words, deviance becomes a viral social construct that serves as a moral imperative to dictate and intimidate people into behaving.

Creepy dudes trying to “destigmatize other creepy dudes” Fuck this shit. His rantings about Megan’s, Jessica’s and Chelsea’s laws are infuriating. Who cares about the victims, mainly female/children. These men are having their feelings hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Queer Activists Out their Violent Selves


abusive male2

Hmm, I’m not sure I’d want someone who gets violent over a book to work with my kids.



OH HOW RADIKEWL! http://420angel666.tumblr.com




The Queer Tears of Bitch Haus


stealinzines moarbs



She’s super mature and above it all posting pictures of Lierre with a cock in her hand. Radical Queers in action yo! Oh yeah and she was all worried about the “feds” raiding her hovel, but I guess all those “protection stones” that people sent her worked. Talk about woo woo bullshit.





derpyfaceasshole derpyface







Black Block Radical dudes luv their cheese shells and selfies…god the tons and tons of selfies this douche takes.


Here’s an awesome photo of him getting bear maced. Ah teh lulz.






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