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Call to Queers: Sex offenders aren’t bad!

Give me a god damn break Huffington Post…

Although I studied many subjects in college, my interest especially aligned with the radical thinking of my queer theories coursework. Queer theory obliterates the idea of good and bad sex and what should and should not be deemed deviant. As such, my courses covered gay history, the timeline of the gay rights movements, queer theory, and the burgeoning transgender studies, as well as genderqueers, kink, sexual fluidity, and asexuality.

But there was a strange silence in these class discussions as well. As my education continued, I began thinking about other people who transgressed cultural norms of sexuality, other people whose sexual desires had been labeled deviant — people who even queer theory courses weren’t talking about. There might be no group more maligned, marginalized, and disconcerting as modern-day America’s “sex offenders.”

In treatment, lawmaking, and cultural discourse, sex offenders are referred to as participating in deviant sexual behavior, having deviant sexual fantasies, and being inherently “deviant” themselves. From one angle, this is true; all sex offenders have deviated from the boundaries of one or more laws regarding sex or the body.

But sociologist Joel Best describes the problematic nature of how the term “deviance” is used in our culture. In his book Deviance, he emphasizes that “a deviant label was simply a sign that some groups with power had singled out some acts or conditions for disapproval.” The term means that, according to the rules of a powerful few, something is inherently wrong with you if you are not like everybody else. In other words, deviance becomes a viral social construct that serves as a moral imperative to dictate and intimidate people into behaving.

Creepy dudes trying to “destigmatize other creepy dudes” Fuck this shit. His rantings about Megan’s, Jessica’s and Chelsea’s laws are infuriating. Who cares about the victims, mainly female/children. These men are having their feelings hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read the rest here…


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M2T and Boyfriend Torture and murder woman

Young woman, 20, ‘was tortured, bound and stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend and female transgender flatmate who she’d agreed to have a baby with in a perverted pleasure killing’

  • Jack Williams, 20, and Kayleigh Woods, 22, appeared at Warwick Crown Court
  • The pair were charged with murder after Bethany Hill, 20, was found dead
  • Bethany’s body was found in a flat in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire 
  • The court heard today that Beth was murdered for a ‘perverted pleasure’ 
  • Woods and Williams both deny the murder charges. The trial continues 


A 20-year-old woman was tortured, bound and stabbed to death by a man and his transgender lover for a suspected ‘perverted pleasure’, a court heard.

Bethany Hill was found drenched in blood with stab wounds to her neck and hands bound with tape in the bathroom of a flat on February 3 last year.

Her two flatmates Kayleigh Louise Woods, 23, and Jack Williams, 21, were later arrested and charged with her murder.

Warwick Crown Court was told today the ‘sadistic’ killing may have been done by Williams for ‘perverted pleasure’ and that Woods ‘joined in with her lover to please him.’



A couple who practised torture on a “fetish” Barbie doll before murdering their friend have been jailed for life.

Kayleigh Woods, 23, and Jack Williams, 21, bound Bethany Hill’s wrists with duct tape before slashing her throat for a “sadistic” thrill.

The tragic 20-year-old was found “drenched” in her own blood in the bathroom of the ground-floor flat the trio shared on February 2 last year.

Sentencing the pair, Judge Richard Griffith-Jones said: “Kayleigh Woods and Jack Williams you have both been found guilty of murdering a young woman, Bethany Hill, who was vulnerable and needed help.

“The circumstances of the killing demonstrates a complicated, emotional chemistry.

“There is the possibility that the motivation for this killing may have had a sexual aspect.

“The evidence that supports that is the doll, the duct tape and the complicated relationship between the defendants and the deceased.

“I’m unable to say which of the defendants was a controlling force, if there was a controlling force.

“The evidence compels me to this being a sadistic killing.”

This never happens, right?

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And they say we’re paranoid

Add this to the “shit they say trans women never do” file from The Washington Post


A man — who was dressed as a woman — is accused of spying on women as they used the bathroom at a Wal-Mart store in Woodbridge.

Police in Prince William County said the incident occurred May 15 around 10:30 p.m. at the mega store at 1400 Worth Avenue. Authorities were called to investigate a report of a peeping incident.

A 53-year-old woman from Woodbridge told police that while she was using the restroom inside the Wal-Mart, an unknown man stood in front of her stall. The man tried to use a mirror to see into the stall.

When the victim confronted him, he fled the restroom. Police said no physical contact was made by the alleged peeping man.

Surveillance video shows the man dressed in sunglasses, a brown wig, pink

shirt, black Capri-style pants, black and neon green shoes and carrying a large red and black handbag.

The man is described as being between 45- and 55-years-old. He is five feet, 10 inches tall and about 220 pounds with a medium build.

Authorities are offering up to $1,000 in a cash reward for any information in the case. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Solvers at 703-670-3700.

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Can I Has A Sex Offender?

I don’t even know where to begin with this. This is Jonathan “Johanna” Adrian Wolf…


Jonathan “Johanna”Wolf is a registered sex offender…

jawwolf ca

Jonathan now lives life as a “woman”  with a cush job in the IT industry (again with these dudes) in Seattle. Interestingly enough he hasn’t registered there.  I wonder why?  This is what Jonathan “Johanna” looks like today…

Dude looks like Fallon Foxjohanna\



johnathan Adrian Wolf 2014johanna2

This is fucking terrifying. Rapists, murders and all sort of sex offenders are being allowed to change their pronouns and masquerade at being female.  We are told we’re paranoid and stupid. We’re told that this shit never happens. I bet the 20 year old woman he was convicted of sexually assaulting knew that his penis was male.


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Creepy Dude Loves Shocking Women With His Dick

Of course there is never a shortage of creeps, freaks and mra’s on Reddit. Recently, one m2t waxes philosophical about his love of showing off his lady wang in the dressing room, for educational purposes of course!


SynisterStarlite: BDSM, Poly, Dom, Creep



He gets a kick out of the “shock value.” No thought to why women would be shocked about seeing a( as he describes it) massive cock. A massive cock that he boasts about and posts all over reddit and the internet cause he’s a cam girl (as well as an IT dude).


Yea, his cock is there to educate. I don’t think women need to be educated on what a penis is and what it can do to them.


Since when is Ann Arbor Michigan extremely trans positive? Even if it was a trans positive place I highly doubt walking around with your dick out is what they had in mind, but hey, you’re a dude, so of fucking course you’re entitled to do that in women’s only spaces. And be sure if any woman complained about it she would be the one to be vilified.



This is interesting, he states that the policy is trans-positive so he takes that to mean dick positive and if his fee fee’s are hurt be sure to report it. Again, do you think women would be taken seriously if she felt threatened and reported seeing a dude walking around with his dick out? Nope! She would probably be asked to leave and not come back because she’s a mean awful bigot. How dare women not want to see dick while naked in a changing room!


Trans Puddy Cat


Just a cursory glance at his comment history gives pretty complete picture of the type of creep we’re dealing with…





SynisterStarlite, you do make me cringe. You make me cringe that you feel entitled to take your dick out in front of women and then act like it’s not a big deal. It makes me cringe that someone mistakes your abuse for love and it makes me cringe and how much you get off on terrorizing women.  For more cringing check out this video he made where he pretends to do women’s voices and likens it to Golem from Lord of the Rings.


Lemme educate you!



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For real though…

Seriously, we’re supposed to take this shit as being a woman? As being exactly the same as being born female and experiencing girlhood? GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE.943237_568281766551056_556811437_n

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This is NOT Girlhood

This is not girlhood

not girlhood

This is not girlhoodnot girlhood2

This is not girlhood

not girlhood3

This is not girlhood

not girlhood4

This is not girlhood

not girlhood5

Girlhood is real and it’s not this. These are perverts. These are men who get off on dressing like child beauty pageant contestants. These are men who pretend they’re little girls to get their rocks off. This is sick fuckery and pomo queer theory says we should accept this shit as legitimate “sexuality.”

I say FUCK NO! Girlhood is not about YOUR DICKS!

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Wrath of Men

People wonder why women don’t want men in their spaces. Well, they tend to be violent, irrational, demanding or our time and energy. They want us to believe their lies and delusions and when we don’t, when we speak up they try to intimidate us into submission. This is exactly what a small rabid band of trans trolls on twitter did. The decided that since women (one woman in particular) did not bend to their will they would use intimidation tactics to scare them and force them into silence…


lol no one cares


So this dude is paranoid about people knowing him, but then proceeds to pic dump pictures of feminists, some who have nothing to do with him or the #radfem2013 tag on twitter, to get back at any women who don’t fall in line. This reminds me of men who go on spree shootings. They don’t care who they hit as long as they get to make people suffer.  Caprica dude has since retreated and made his account private like the coward he is but his buddies still are gleefully reveling and harassing in the fall out.

picdrop4 picdrop3 picdrop5 picdrop6 picdrop7





These dudes are so creepy.  I mean, could you get any more male privileged than stalking women, posting pictures of them and harassing them? What are they reddit users? Classic creep shots shit. It’s not like these guys aren’t hard to find. I’ve seen Six of Caprica’s OK Cupid. Will I post it? No. Why? Cause there’s no point. He’s just another creepy dude interested in living a delusion, while crying on the internet about his oppression while he actively harasses women. Just like most dudes.  Dude is a dude is a dude.

Why wouldn’t we want these dudes at a women’s only event with such activist tweets as this!

creep transexisim4 transexisim3 transexisim2 transexisim

They really do respect women don’t they!? These are exactly the type you would want to come to your feminist conference. Misogynistic, bigoted, jealous, hateful, privileged males in drag. Yep, totes women they are!

Anthony needs Anal Sex In Arvada Colorado 11 12 2006

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