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Newspaper commits act of violence against rapist

Vancouver high risk sex offender  who breaks into homes to sexually assault females  on the run   Daily Hive Vancouver.png

ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER ACT OF WORD BASED VIOLENCE!!!  STUNNING AND BRAVE Antoine Naskathey (sorry for using your DEAD NAME) escaped from his halfway home in Vancouver. Naskathey, who has over 50 convictions dating as far back as 1994, was on a six year supervised order after being convicted for breaking into women’s homes and raping them.

“He was convicted for breaking into homes and sexually assaulting female residents between 2001 and 2009…Police say Antoine is a ‘gender variant’ and sometimes identifies himself as female. He is described as Aboriginal, 5’10” tall, weighs 161 lbs, and has long brown hair and brown eyes. at 11:55 am Saturday: Antoine Naskathey has been arrested on SkyTrain in Burnaby, thanks to the keen eye of a member of the public.”

I’m sure it was super hard to spot the 5’10 “gender variant” man. Good job at getting the piece of shit tho. So, is Canada going to protect his “human rights” and send him to a woman’s prison, where he is obviously a threat to female inmates or are they going to send him where he belongs?

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Can I Has A Sex Offender?

I don’t even know where to begin with this. This is Jonathan “Johanna” Adrian Wolf…


Jonathan “Johanna”Wolf is a registered sex offender…

jawwolf ca

Jonathan now lives life as a “woman”  with a cush job in the IT industry (again with these dudes) in Seattle. Interestingly enough he hasn’t registered there.  I wonder why?  This is what Jonathan “Johanna” looks like today…

Dude looks like Fallon Foxjohanna\



johnathan Adrian Wolf 2014johanna2

This is fucking terrifying. Rapists, murders and all sort of sex offenders are being allowed to change their pronouns and masquerade at being female.  We are told we’re paranoid and stupid. We’re told that this shit never happens. I bet the 20 year old woman he was convicted of sexually assaulting knew that his penis was male.


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