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Autogynephilic man decapitates woman, wears her dress, rapes her head.

Fresh from the I FUCKING HATE THE WORLD chronicles…

Man In Dresss Used GF Head For Sex

Aleksandr U. aka Pussy, A punk rock musician who cut off his girlfriend’s head and used it to give himself a blow job while wearing one of her dresses has been declared insane.

A punk rock musician known as Pussy who cut off his girlfriend’s head and had sex with it while wearing one of her dresses has been declared insane.

Aleksandr U., 23, murdered his girlfriend, 22-year-old Viktoria V., in the city of Voronezh, in Russia’s south-western Voronezh Oblast, in July last year.

Police who discovered the decapitated body of the young woman then also found her head, which Aleksandr had used to have sex with.

He apparently liked dressing up in women’s clothes and masturbating, and when his friends in the punk band discovered his fetish, they threw him out.

It is believed that when his girlfriend discovered he was wearing her clothing and makeup, she had tried to dump him. He murdered her instead.

His fellow band members confirmed they had expelled him because of his habit of wearing female clothing.

It was reported that when his girlfriend discovered he was wearing her clothing and make-up, she had also tried to throw him out so he killed her.

I’m sure trans activists will find away to blame the victim or the Russian Government for not falling over backwards to support poor Pussy and get him the gender confirmation surgery he totes deserves.


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Guest Post: The Violent Men


In responce to this article” Guess who’s coming to Dinner. Lesbian trans exclusion gets noticed”

“Trans women” who have committed assault against women:
“Jane Doe” from Connecticut
Joseph Patrick Bueche
Chelsea Manning
Leslie Phillips
Jane Anne Pilley

“Trans women” who have committed or attempted to commit sexual offences including child sex offences, rape and bestiality offences:
Donald Waelde
Dana McCallum
Jessica Hambrook
Paula Witherspoon
Sandy Jo Battista
Sherri Masbruch
Thomas Lee Benson
Maddison Hall (murdered a man, successfully entered a women’s prison and became notorious as a sexual predator and rapist within prison)
Nicole Louise Pearce (tortured, sexually assaulted and murdered two boys)

“Trans women” who have murdered women:
Donna Perry
Robert “Michelle” Kosilek
Lyralisa Stevens
Frances Anne Spisak (murdered men, attempted to murder a woman and another man)
Michelle Websdale (also murdered a man and attempted to murder another man, leaving him quadriplegic, and attempted to murder another woman)
Kimmie McPherson (unsure who the victim/s was/were)
Paul Denyer
Frederick Hengl

“Trans women” who have made violent threats against women, including murder and rape threats, either online or in person:
Annie Barchetta
Aeryn Fulton
Reed Barrow
Gemma Seymour

Those are just the ones that I could find with maybe an hour of Googling, and I feel confident that there are many more.

So please stop saying that “trans women do not assault other women”, and stop implying that male trans persons are not violent, because these assertions are demonstrably false.

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Transmaidens of the Patriarchy

Handmaidens, women (wbw)  who are so invested in men and male power that they do anything and everything to support it. I’ve noticed an uptick in young women who claim to be feminist now attacking other women on behalf of the Trans. They do it with the same zeal of a new convert to a religion, trying to prove themselves as the best “cis/het/genderqueer/whatever” allie ever.

transmaiden10 transmaiden11 transmaiden9

transmaiden1 transmaiden5 transmaiden4 transmaiden6 transmaiden7


These are born women calling for other women to be beaten or killed because these women disagree with the T agenda. These girls/women are equating other women with violent men who have murdered millions. The lack of reasoning is astounding, but you don’t need reasoning when your as steeped in the patriarchy as these women.

transmaiden8 transmaiden21 transmaiden22 transmaiden23 transmaiden2


You see these women all over defending mens rights (dicks) to women’s only spaces, porn, prostitution etc. The patriarchy is so normalized, many don’t even realize that their actions are harmful to themselves as well as other women. These are the women men/trans hide behind. Who are sent out to attack other women and do their misogynistic dirty work. These women, most of whom claim to be feminists, would never, ever spend as much time or effort attacking men for misogynistic behavior. They put all of the hate and furor toward women who stand up against the male power dynamic. Who set boundaries against men and don’t blindly accept that being a woman is just an idea in a mans head. They attack women who know that being born women is not a privilege and they attempt to silence them for the benefit of men.



Handmaidens of the patriarchy support male power. By getting women to do patriarchy’s dirty work, the patriarchal agenda is advanced even within female-only or female-dominated spaces, such as the household and female friendships, and there is simply nowhere for girls and women to go to get away. While the role of the handmaiden obscures this truth, in reality, patriarchal mandates, all of them, regardless of who enforces them, benefit men and men only


This young woman claims she’s a genderqueer pansexual feminist (since the age of 12) but,  she actively abuses not only women online but admits to abusing women in her irl life as well.

transmaiden13 transmaiden18


This is beyond fucked up. Women/girls like this harass women, show extreme misogyny, abuse women, molest them and then get pissed and blame the women for her own inappropriateness. Hmmm…who does that sound like!?



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A True LGBT Positive Role Model

What more is there to say about Sarah Brown? I’ll just let him speak for himself…



Aunty29just lol auntyaunty lesbian1auntysawomanlolauntysballsaunty fake lesbianAunty32Aunty30

Who better to be a positive role model than an openly misogynistic, lesbian appropriating male who spews out violent rhetoric, telling women to suck his nuts. But this isn’t misogyny right? This isn’t deep–seated hatred of women cause he says he’s one. And you know just saying you’re a woman magically makes it so! Actually he is the perfect role model for male entitlement and privilege. Just look at him pretend to be a victim while attacking women who stood up to his vile misogyny. He keeps pretending that everyone should just forget what he wrote 5 years ago because “it’s the past.” Well why doesn’t he forget what Julie Bindel wrote 5 years ago? That’s in the past too right? Why are trans activists hounding women who have performed at Mich Fest in the past and demanding them to apologize for it? Why are feminists, like Gloria Steinem, being forced to apologize for shit they’ve said in the past? (and I’m talking about shit they’ve said in the 70’s) There is no statue of limitations when it comes to women and apologies. Women will always be demanded and expected to apologize for every infraction or misdeed, not matter how long the event occurred.  Trans activists, such as Brown, excuse themselves  from their vile misogyny by blaming others pretending that the passage of time is so great that  their misogyny doesn’t matter anymore or that they are the true victim of some perceived slight, there for justified in their actions.

aunty entitled

aunty empathy aunty evil aunty5andahalf aunty priv

That’s the most honest thing he’s ever wrote. Yes, it is privilege.  It’s his white male privilege that allowed him to think writing this was acceptable.

Now, there is a point to all of this, and that’s that there is no word in the English language, that I am aware of, for the smegma-like mixture of dead skin cells, gynaecological lube, stale urine (gives it its distinctive smell) and sweat that is sometimes present as a white residue on the end of a dilation stent when a post-operative trans woman withdraws the stent after dilating her neovagina.

I propose rectifying this linguistic oversight. I propose naming this mixture, “bindel”.

It’s his continued privilege and entitlement to excuse himself by saying ” That was 5 or  5.5 or 6, years ago!” Notice he never actually apologizes, even though he demands constant apologies from everyone else. It’s privilege that allows him to continue to harass Bindel after all this time, but still play the victim. On his livejournal alone ( which he still updates with his new blogs) she has been referenced nearly 300 times.



It’s privilege that allows him to tweet at women (many of whom are real lesbians and/or victims of sexual abuse)  to “suck his balls” and that they are “cock obsessed” because they know that a penis is male and it can harm and impregnate them against their will.  It’s privilege that he has never grown up with the constant fear of rape. It’s privilege that he openly mocks our fear of being raped by men. It’s privilege that he’s appropriated the term lesbian. It’s privilege that he’s allowed to refer to a surgically created hole as a “vagina.” It’s privilege that he can be openly hostile to women and still be a politician. It’s privilege that no one will call this out for fear of being called a “transphobe”, “transmisoginistic” or “cis sexist.”  All of this is real, palpable privilege that these men have over the so called “privileged cis woman.” It’s privilege that allows him to turn any critique of his behavior and turn it into ” they just want to fuck me.” It’s also privielge that will allow him to scoff at this and cry victimhood or gas-lighting or some such bullshit. Oh Sarah Brown…you may have had your dick removed, but you’re still one at heart.

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Trans Love their Violent “Girls”

Some of you may remember the story of the “ultra violet girl sent to a female prison”    Well, as it turns out that this so called “ultra violet girl” turned out to be a male.


In November, the 16-year-old transgender girl known as Jane Doe was deemed a delinquent because of her history of violently fighting with other girls and staff at the facilities where she’d been housed since being taken into DCF custody at the age of 12. In April, after an alleged assault on a staff member, she was transferred at the request of DCF to York Correctional Institution, the adult women’s prison in Niantic.


Um, sorry ‘she’s’ not getting in fights with other girls. He’s attacking other girls.  This is erasure of male violence. This boy has attacked and blinded a guard, but of course, according to his lawyer, it was totally the guards fault! So Jane Doe has been held in solitary at a women’s prison for quite a few days. In that time trans advocates have decided to rally around Jane Doe saying that his civil rights have been violated because he’s in solitary. Hopefully for the female inmates protection. Doe’s lawyer was on Democracy Now! on Friday explaining that it’s not his fault.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: And why are they—why is the state claiming that they have so much problem being able to handle her?

AARON ROMANO: Well, you covered that a little bit here. She was in DCF supervision from the age of five and sexually abused from the age of eight through 15. So that was about seven years of sexual abuse that she suffered. While she was in a residential treatment facility, through DCF supervision, a staff member aggressively approached her, placed her in an illegal restraint. That staff member was later discharged for that illegal restraint. And she defended herself. After experiencing sexual abuse for close to seven years, a child will have a certain sensitivity to touch or approach and may interpret certain situations from a very defensive perspective. And the staff should have been well aware of that. So in response to that, DCF just wanted to pass the buck on, so to speak, to the Department of Corrections, and they wanted to just dump her on the Department of Corrections and say, “Listen, we don’t want to take care of her anymore. You take care of her.”

Perhaps putting “her” in a facility more equip to deal with male physical violence would be a better option then putting her in a female facility, with female staff,  but no, let’s not discuss that.  Interesting that a staff member was discharged for putting him in a illegal restraint. Please tell me how women are supposed to restrain a raging male? Anyway necessary that’s how.

AMY GOODMAN: In her affidavit to the court, Jane Doe details a litany of sexual abuse that took place under the Department of Children and Families supervision at the hands of relatives and the staff at DCF, starting when she was eight. She wrote, quote, “At about [age] 12 I was placed by DCF at a residential facility … in Massachusetts, where a worker … used to show the other children pornographic magazines, and on two occasions I was in his office and he had me perform oral sex on him. At about [age] 13, at Connecticut Children’s Place [a DCF facility], a staff member … took me off school grounds and took me and another transgender female to the movies and dinner. In the parking lot after dinner, the other transgender female performed oral sex on him and he drove to a more secluded place where we both performed oral sex on him. … At about age 13, at CCP, another boy who was a resident came into my room at night, placed his hand over my mouth [and then] placed my face into a pillow and anally raped me.” She goes on to detail multiple other incidents of sexual violence, including abuse she experienced while working as a sex worker, writing, quote, “I am tortured by these memories.” Chase Strangio of the ACLU, talk about what has happened to this young transgender woman, now in prison, in solitary.

Well according to Janet Mock all these experiences should be great!  How many women and girls have gone through the same fucking awful experiences as this boy and haven’t blinded anyone? I wonder.  So of course the trans community and it’s handmaidens are rallying around this dangerous kid hoping to get him into a foster home ( JFC!!!) so he can start healing. And by healing I mean getting him a tumblr account and some estrogen.

janedoe4 janedoe3 janedoe2 janedoe1

How many kids are sexually tortured are tossed into our prison system routinely? I’m guessing a lot.  Because this kid is trans he’s going to get special treatment after causing grievous bodily harm.  He’s so violent that they actually had to put him in solitary in prison. That’s fucking saying something but, he identifies as trans, so a small vocal group want him released back into the public to harm god knows how many others.  The media just eats this shit up.  Why does the trans community flock around these boys who assault women/girls? That boy who filmed himself beating up a couple of girls for alleged bullying was nominated to be a fucking marshal for the gay pride parade in San Francisco for fucks sake. But, now the charges have been dropped  showing the world that violence against women/girls is OK  as long as you have reasons.



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