Period Envy

Period Envy

How many tweens are really excited to start their period? I think for most girls it’s depressing and anxiety inducing. Another creepy disconnect when it comes to dudes and our biological reality. Oh and another thing LMAO that his niece thinks he’s cis. Yeah fucking right. I bet the mother sat the daughter down and said something along the lines of ” you know it would be really nice if you asked Auntie Dude questions about your period. It would make him feel like one of us cause if you don’t he will be LITERALLY SHAKING and steal your pads out of the trash and weep in the corner.”


edit: Someone just sent me this and it has me lolin’. I guess he’s taking time out from denying rape and saying how people are trying to murder him on the internet to wish upon a bloody star for that period…

laurelai lulz

Oh Eric, are you talking about women oh no, of course not you’re talking about men in drag. Just toss in forced pregnancy to the mix and you’d have real oppression…er no, that’s a privilege!!! *eye roll to infinity*

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