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For the Love of LULZ

Looks like the Jendah Qweeerz and Twaaaaahnies have discovered my humble site dedicated to their intense fuckwittery. They’ve even slithered onto memegenerator and made some replies, but sadly, they don’t really seem to get how meme’s work.

No one gives a shit if you choose to mutilate your body. Have at it. It’s your money. Please castrate yourself! But, walking around with your tranny tackle in places and demanding entrance into women only spaces. Yeah, that’s a problem.

Why they hating on Divine? Y’ALL WISH YOU HAD THIS REALNESS!

Male logic 101: “Obviously you want my dick! No matter how much say you don’t!” This is such a male derail argument.  If a woman has something to say against them, it’s always cause they secretly want to fuck them. It’s so precious when they show their rapist mentalities. 🙂

What does this tranny think he is? Fluoride? Did he watch Dr. Strangelove once to often? Nah brah, we just don’t want your creey cock up in our space capiche?

WAAAAAAAAA! God, it must be so difficult! I mean REAL women having to put up with all sorts of memes depicting them getting socked in the jaw, shot in the head, among other things. It must be SOOOO TRIGGERING to have meme calling men out on their privilege, especially when those men have decided to declare themselves female on the internetz!!! OMG TRIGGER WARNING! MEEEYAAH!


Nuff said.

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