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Dyke&Trans Alliance @dyketrans

This is trans activism…this is male violence.

These were comments taken from the document.










Not only are they hell bent on destroying this woman, they want to destroy her family and anyone she is, was, or allegedly was associated with. This is disturbing. This is male violence. This is silencing. These males think that they’re being silenced by so called “terfs” because women tweet/write blogs about knowing that a penis isn’t a female sex organ. They consider that hate speech. So they attack in the most violent way possible ignoring their entitlement, perpetuating male violence against women who speak out against male power. These men aren’t activists. They’re MRA’s actively working to silence women.

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Cathy! Cathy! Cathy!



The amount of times Sophia has named dropped Cathy today is disturbing. This is only a fraction of the nuttiness. This guy doesn’t have a lawyer. It’s a ploy to get money. Even his bitter rival Laurelai knows this.


Ahhhh these two are such train wrecks.
It’s amazing how much weight the word of a man who says he’s a woman carries.  Sophia stands to make thousands of dollars from this, there is no way an international lolsuit is going to happen and he knows it.

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International Lolsuit


In a desperate attempt to regain support after accusing Laurelai Baily of rape on Twitter, Sophia aka Daryl Banks has decided a lolsuit is order!


soph sues 5

Yes, a sure fire way to get money and support is accusing Cathy Brennan and the Terfs of destroying you. It’s not that he spends all day everyday on twitter and the craziness is palpably coming off his tweets or the only promotions he runs is CATHY IS TRYING TO DESTROY, ME LOOK AT MY WEBSITE!!!


Sopha sues1

Anyone would see that and want to stay clear, especially when it comes to a wedding which is supposed to be a perfect day for the bride and groom. Could you imagine have Sophia as your photographer? Bridezillia, move over for Tranzilla! THE CIS BITCH BRIDE MADE ME FEEL UGLY! FUCK HER PHOTOS!

sophia fireants

Of course, the fact that he’s unstable doesn’t matter when Cathy Brennan name is dropped. Quick where’s the paypal! He’s also accusing her of causing him to be evicted. Then he says he’s being evicted because his landlord wants to live in the unit he’s in. But of course this all because of his special gender feels and CB.

sophia homelesssophia homeless2


Does nobody see this? He accused Cathy Brennan of  making him “homeless” except he’s still in his home, he hasn’t moved out and his landlord is asking him to leave because she wants to occupy the space?  Let’s not bother ourselves with pesky little things like facts. CATHY BRENNAN YOU GUYS! GIVE ME MONEY!


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Period Envy

Period Envy

How many tweens are really excited to start their period? I think for most girls it’s depressing and anxiety inducing. Another creepy disconnect when it comes to dudes and our biological reality. Oh and another thing LMAO that his niece thinks he’s cis. Yeah fucking right. I bet the mother sat the daughter down and said something along the lines of ” you know it would be really nice if you asked Auntie Dude questions about your period. It would make him feel like one of us cause if you don’t he will be LITERALLY SHAKING and steal your pads out of the trash and weep in the corner.”


edit: Someone just sent me this and it has me lolin’. I guess he’s taking time out from denying rape and saying how people are trying to murder him on the internet to wish upon a bloody star for that period…

laurelai lulz

Oh Eric, are you talking about women oh no, of course not you’re talking about men in drag. Just toss in forced pregnancy to the mix and you’d have real oppression…er no, that’s a privilege!!! *eye roll to infinity*

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Where are all the Cisters at?

Who’s fault is it that Sophia is getting dog piled? Is it the evil patriarchy who shuns victims and their supporters? Nah, it’s evil CIS BITCHES!!!!


Oh lib fems. What ever shall you do? This is a truly damned if you do damned if you don’t. Either way you’re a fucking transphobic bigot who deserves to DIAF! You don’t support trans rape victims but if you do you’re bullying a trans women to the point of suicide. Can you blame irl women for staying away from this clusterfuck? Hell nah!

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Sociopath Supernova

The melt down continues and the fallout has blown right back into Sophia’s face. It’s not shocking, any community hates airing it’s dirty laundry for everyone to see, especially when your community is built around the myth that “TRANS WOMEN ARE JUST LIKE CIS WOMEN”, lol no, women aren’t raping trans women…sorry to point that fact out.

So, there has been much wailing about how Sophia is playing into the hands of the TERF/Brennan cabal, destroying the community and pushing Laurelai to the brink, THE VERY BRINK of death not once…BUT TWICE!!!





Laurelai, seeing this as the perfect opportunity to garner sympathy, cause, as we are all told (TRANS COMMIT SUICIDE THE MOST OF PEOPLE EVER!!) decides to double down on the “I’m being bullied to death” line. He never actually answers any of the questions surrounding his rape/abuse of women, trans or otherwise. He’s slick as a sociopathic politician making it all about him and how anyone who believes his accuser just doesn’t know the facts, whatever those maybe, and how his accuser is a stalker, who is so obsessed with him. He also casts doubt on Sophia by saying he’s just a former lover who is totes jelly and wants him dead.











Reading these tweets reminded me of a video I watched on malignant narcissists and psychopaths.


Narcissistic Injury

An occasional or circumstantial threat (real or imagined) to the narcissist’s grandiose and fantastic self-perception (False Self) as perfect, omnipotent, omniscient, and entitled to special treatment and recognition, regardless of his actual accomplishments (or lack thereof).

Narcissistic Wound

A repeated or recurrent identical or similar threat (real or imagined) to the narcissist’s grandiose and fantastic self-perception (False Self) as perfect, omnipotent, omniscient, and entitled to special treatment and recognition, regardless of his actual accomplishments (or lack thereof).

Narcissistic Scar

A repeated or recurrent psychological defence against a narcissistic wound. Such a narcissistic defence is intended to sustain and preserve the narcissist’s grandiose and fantastic self-perception (False Self) as perfect, omnipotent, omniscient, and entitled to special treatment and recognition, regardless of his actual accomplishments (or lack thereof).

Narcissistic rage has two forms:

I. Explosive — The narcissist flares up, attacks everyone in his immediate vicinity, causes damage to objects or people, and is verbally and psychologically abusive.
II. Pernicious or Passive-Aggressive (P/A) — The narcissist sulks, gives the silent treatment, and is plotting how to punish the transgressor and put her in her proper place. These narcissists are vindictive and often become stalkers. They harass and haunt the objects of their frustration. They sabotage and damage the work and possessions of people whom they regard to be the sources of their mounting wrath.

Both of these describe Sophia and Laurelai. Hell I think most men who delude themselves into thinking they’re women suffer from a narcissistic personality disorder. Especially if they go on twitter saying shit like this…


It’s interesting to watch two titanic assholes publicly supernova in such a way. Sophia is experiencing the type of backlash most women who out rapists feel, so I guess he’s having his first authentic ‘female’ experience. *applauds* The community is way more interested in insulating itself against teh mean terfs than addressing rape and abuse in their midst.


Yeah, apparently raping someone is trash talk. Cool story bro. Laurelai is not only an alleged rapist but also has a long history of abusive behavior, which includes pimping out his wife. Gee these are the type of people the trans community looks to as leaders. Sociopathic men the lot of em. My prediction is that this isn’t going to go the way Sophia thought it would. A cold war is going to start with battle lines being drawn between the two. Laurelai is busy painting himself as a victim, as sociopaths usually do, insulating himself and pretending that all the evil cis bitches are attacking him. Waaaaaaaaah!


Sophia, who is so used to playing the victim, now is in the awkward position of not being the one DRIVEN TO THE BRINK OF DEATH LITERALLY SHAKING OMG!!!!111!1 What ever will he do?





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NSFW: Twitter Trans Ouroboros

It’s finally come to this. Sophia is LITERALLY TRYING TO MURDER !

It all started when…


oh noes, serious business! What’s Soph being asked to ignore???


Utoh, , you’ve got some splainin’ to do…how does L react?


Hey it’s only that one fucking woman! She’s a liar!

Sophia is havin’ none of it!


Laurelai reacts in the typical way trans usually react …with LITERAL SHAKING!





Laurelai rallies after many moments of meltdown designed to garner sympathy…



A White Knight finally appears to aide in fair Laurelai’s defense…



I like how calling out a rapist is BULLYING SOMEONE TO DEATH!


Twice in one week! Suicide card whenever called out on bad behavior. 

Here is the most accurate depiction I could find over the sophia v. laur’s baddest twitter bitch fight.


More updates as the dorama progresses.

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Did anyone catch J’amie Private School Girl? Whenever I see Chris Lilley in drag it reminds me of every adult trans on the internet.


Speaking of narassistic rapey asshole, Julia Serrano is at it again with a whiney corrective rape piece about how mean the lesbians are for not bowing to his lady wang delusions and getting off with him. Why won’t they accept his maleness as female! It’s ‘transphobic biggotry’ (not that they’re lesbians and they don’t want to have sex with you cause you’re a MAN, no that can’t be the reason. jfc)

I recently discovered a blog called Deluded Serano and it’s delicious. Hats off to whoever attempted to decode the dude. His prose is so fucking whiny and self indulgent I couldn’t get through it. Leave it to a dude to get a book published crying about how he can’t collectively rape lesbians so he dates dudes who will literally fuck anything.

I’m not sure. All I really know is that when I come out to people, it’s not really about me or my identity. It’s about their assumptions, their expectations, their investment in who they think I am. Which is actually not at all related to why Gay People have to come out. Gay People have to come out because of COMPULSORY HETEROSEXUALITY, in which we are all assumed to be straight. Of course, me, being Kulia Serano, doesn’t need to come out, because I am a giant weirdo that most Regular People can see is a total freak to be avoided. But anyway, if they didn’t make any assumptions about me, then I couldn’t possibly be “closeted” and I couldn’t be accused of “passing” as anything. Tee hee, it’s all about me, fuck the concept of Compulsory Heterosexuality. And if I told them something about myself, it wouldn’t be a “coming out” because they wouldn’t have already made their minds up about me in the first place.


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And they wonder

Yes, the wonder, why oh why are women afraid of men. Why are women so adamant about having their own spaces to be without constant cock contact? Well, did a little google search and here are just a few of many MANY news stories of men exposing themselves, being violent sadistic perverted assholes while we just try to exist.


  1. An Open Letter To The Man With His Penis Exposed At The Whole‬

    The Frisky-by Ami Angelowicz-Jan 4, 2014
    I first noticed you walking slowly behind me as I rounded the hot bar buffet at the Union Square Whole Foods. I always notice when there is 
  2. Fragrant Pervert Sought In Bieber Movie Flashing

    The Smoking Gun-Dec 27, 2013
    in identifying a man who exposed himself to a pair of juvenile girls A few minutes after the man sat down, he “pulled his penis out of his 

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    Police: Man Sought in Molestation of 7-Year-Old at Market in Tustin

    KTLA-Jan 17, 2014
    Man sought for allegedly molesting girl in Tustin market. walked up behind the girl and touched her back with his exposed penis, police said.
  4. Bedford mum is ‘afraid of men‘ after man masturbated infront of her

    Bedfordshire News-15 hours ago
    A MOTHER has told of how she now feels afraid around men after a man exposed his penis and masturbated in front of her and her 
  5. The Independent

    Alleged ‘Swiss Cheese Pervert’ nabbed by police 17, 2014
    of Mayfair’s “Swiss Cheese Pervert” is over, and the man allegedly behind women with his genitals exposed and asked them to perform sexual acts Swiss cheese around [his] penis and masturbate him,” according to an 

    Show more

  6. Fetish expert says Philly’s “Swiss Cheese Pervert” could be jason nark-Jan 13, 2014
    This man has been accused of exposing himself and asking women to holding a slice of Swiss over his penis inside a car around Mayfair.

    Show more

  7. Report: Man exposes himself to Starbucks employee

    ABC NEWS 4-Jan 15, 2014
    When the woman got up to go to the bathroom, the report states she saw that the man had pulled his shorts up so that his penis was exposed.
  8. Vague or nonexistent harassment policy? In same-sex cases

    Business Management Daily-15 hours ago
    Recent case: Kerry is an ironworker who worked with other men on various in front of Kerry and pretended he was about to expose his penis.
  9. Man Arrested In Palisades Park After Grabbing Woman’s Crotch

    Santa Monica Mirror-Dec 23, 2013
    A 23-year-old homeless man was arrested Wednesday, Dec. this victim, they were notified by radio that a man was exposing his penis in the 
  10. Tustin police seek man in sex incident in market

    OCRegister (subscription)-Jan 16, 2014
    TUSTIN – Police seek the public’s help in locating a man suspected of a man “approached her and touched her back with his exposed penis 

    Ronald Boyd Posted About Rape Plans On Facebook

    Huffington Post-by David Lohr-Jan 16, 2014
    A 23-year-old man who sexually assaulted a friend hours after posting his plan on Facebook has been sentenced to 20 years in prison, 

    Jeremy Joseph And Teen Suspect Allegedly Robbed And Raped

    Huffington Post-Jan 15, 2014
    Two Canton, Ohio men are accused of robbing and raping a pizza …. Ronaldo Silva allegedly broke out of a Brazilian prison by dressing in drag in April, -lee-bovia-arrested-exposing-fake-penis-maryland_n_1326558.html” 
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