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Gender Identity Specialists warn of “ever increasing tide” of Transwoman Sex Offenders

Trans activists want you to believe that these men “just want to pee”, but it’s not about that. It’s about forcing their way into where they don’t belong. Forcing women to accept them as women. Taking away the tools to talk about our oppression. A penis is not female. There is a difference between trans and women. You are not bigoted for knowing the difference. We know why we can’t let men into our bathrooms and locker rooms. People need to stop pretending that women are hysterical for wanting to protect ourselves.

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“Don’t worry about predators” says M2F rapist


A reader sent me some interesting information the other day.  Apparently our old pal, Jonathan “Johanna” Wolf is still lurking about comments sections, telling women off for being bigots, cause they don’t want men like him in their bathrooms.  Things got a bit heated in the  comments section for K5 Seattle article about a Man in a Woman’s locker room.

Our friend thought one of the virulent trans activists seemed very familiar. Turns out it was Johanna Wolf, the man who was convicted of raping a deaf girl and feels like he’s the victim.

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Yep, Johnny is at it again, spreading propaganda about how bigoted we all are and how NO PERVERTS EVER would want to access women’s spaces for nefarious purposes.  After being called out for being the rapist piece of shit he is, Jon Jon deleted all his posts and attempted to get the person banned from Facebook for “hate speech” or “bullying” or some such bullshit. Luckily, our reader had the foresight to screen cap all of Johanna’s comments before he deleted them. Let’s have a look shall we?


Oh look we found a rapist who wants to be a woman.  Hmm I wonder why that is?


Whenever some dude does something fucked up in the name of transgender rights, Tran Trans will immediately say that they’re not really trans. LOL as if they know.


I’m glad people are educated about you, Johanna.  Being a rapist is pretty bigoted and violent behavior is it not?


Direct link to Johanna’s sex offender page




He went on a real long rant about “science” and “data”. Oddly enough the data and science are actually on the side of it being a mental illness or fetish. Just political correctness makes it acceptable for a rapist to decide he’s a female, change his appearance and become an activist for other violent males to gain entry into women’s and girl’s only space.

Talk about fucking entitlement. The responses to Johanna are still up if you want to see what he deems bigotry.

I’m really glad that our reader stood up against this piece of shit criminal and his misogynistic blather. Please feel free to comment and spread the word about Johanna Wolf and his violent sexual abuse of women!!



Edit: Proof found that Jonathan Adrian Wolf changed his name to Johanna Adriana Wolf in 2013. Name change


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