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Doctor Okay’s Gender FOR THE LULZ!!!!

From the tumblr of the Cis Scum, blood play, murder fetishist him/herself!

I’m so glad that he’s going to be welcomed into the vagina club soon…oh wait he’s not…he’s just putting pieces of wire up his penis and putting the video up on tumblr. HOW TRANGRESSIVE!!!

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What trans think being a feminist is…

Someone tipped me off to this on tumblr. But what? Yes, all those have to do with REAL WOMEN BORN WOMEN. Are you saying that the “cis” allies of the trans collective aren’t allowed to speak of their womanhood cause it might make the transies feel less of a woman cause they got a peeeen? WAAAH REALITY! WHY DO YOU MOCK MY FEMININE PENIS!?

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