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Tobi Hill-Meyer Sees Trees, Misses Forest

Putting raping and murdering men before the safety of women…as always, Tobi.

You think I just don't understand, but I don't believe you.

Pornographer Tobi Hill Meyer recently penned an article for Bilerico regarding the failure of the R.J. Donovan Correctional Facility in California to house two men who think they are women in the same cell.  In the article, Tobi attrributes the failure of these two men to be housed together on “feminists.”


But, more importantly, who are the “trans women” currently Tumblr-supported by Gender Queers across the country?

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Colleen Perv tries to hide his creepy cupid profile

Creepster extraordinaire Colleen Brenna Francis aka FaeRaven aka Clay Scott Francis decided he didn’t want his pervy over share profile to be viewed on OK Stupid. Luckily, I took screen shots so we’ll always have female fetishists sexual peccadilloes to haunt our dreams at night.

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Colleen Francis wants girls to see his dick

Colleen Francis wants girls to see his dick

This prick thinks showing off his lady wang to teens is the same as African American civil rights. FUCK OFF DUDE!!!!

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Olympia WA School Officials: State Gender Identity provision overrides Title IX Equality for Girl’s Swim Teams

This is a true Privilege Denying Tranny. Putting girls in danger because of his fetishes take persistence over their civil rights.