Can I Has A Sex Offender?

I don’t even know where to begin with this. This is Jonathan “Johanna” Adrian Wolf…


Jonathan “Johanna”Wolf is a registered sex offender…

jawwolf ca

Jonathan now lives life as a “woman”  with a cush job in the IT industry (again with these dudes) in Seattle. Interestingly enough he hasn’t registered there.  I wonder why?  This is what Jonathan “Johanna” looks like today…

Dude looks like Fallon Foxjohanna\



johnathan Adrian Wolf 2014johanna2

This is fucking terrifying. Rapists, murders and all sort of sex offenders are being allowed to change their pronouns and masquerade at being female.  We are told we’re paranoid and stupid. We’re told that this shit never happens. I bet the 20 year old woman he was convicted of sexually assaulting knew that his penis was male.


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